Soundly Spanked, Squeaky Clean – NUWEST

31 May

F/2f; time: 23 minutes

Girls face spankings and enemas for partying; producer Ed Lee and ‘Vanna’ play parents of girls returning late after a party. There are no retakes at this studio. Vanna stumbles all over her lines and actually adjusts a dime store wig on camera.

Tall blonde ‘Kelly Rae’ first home; they smell her breath, and Vanna has her hand over her panties to be checked for having sex. Bare bottom now under her dress. “This is a good time for a spanking.” Vanna gives a brief OTK workout–a few smacks from Vanna go a long way. Kelly Rae is sent to put on her nightgown, because she is going to take an enema.

In the bedroom, Kelly kneels on her bed, presents a bare bottom, gets the nozzle from Vanna while Lee watches, and we cut to an empty water bag. Then a long scene with Kelly on the toilet.

Actress Katie is the second daughter to arrive home late, and she is naughtily disrespectful, as she can be. She also smells of bourbon. Vanna checks HER panties, gives her a brief spanking, then it’s off to the bedroom. This enema scene takes longer, because Katie is so delightful a package that the camera lingers on her with the nozzle in her anus and then on the toilet.

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