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Spankers Paradise 1 – KANE INTERNATIONAL

28 Jun

Early 1990’s; time: 60 minutes

Vintage spanking history; a George Harrison Marks free-for-all, where “Misress Kane” has taken ownership of the storied Hotel Derriere. The Brighton resort hotel is a gathering place for fanciers of the female bottom, and not such a good place if you happen to be female. There are several videos on the hotel theme, set in parties, rooms, and the bar, and depicting high hilarity, both above and below stairs–naughty, implausible, playful, humorous skits.

Mistress Kane is played by Vida Garman in her mid-twenties, whose particular talents factor in later. In the restaurant, a Fawlty Towers scene we have described before, a blond waitress spills coffeee on a diner. At another table, a young guy admonishes another blonde about having misrepresented her spanking experience to Marks and suggests a few pertinent pointers up in his hotel room. The spanking vignettes are thus set up.

The blond waitress is taken to a room and told to strip down to her panties. Handspanking over a chair. “Oh no, not my knickers,” as they go south. Some martinet and crop are mixed in. Nothing severe, but saucy and co-educational. The spanker is a grey-haired guy, working as one of the waiters, whose sister is Mistress Kane, and who has fled to this buttock farm on the beach to escape some legal troubles in London (Could he be some sort of dirty old man?) Since he knows the boss, these girls are his. He shows her the cane and gives her 6 mild strokes.

Emma, in another room, is about to be taught by her young friend what CP is. Such is life, having to give such lessons! OTK. “Oh, yes, quite a nice bottom.” He peels off her pants and continues the handspanking, gets in some studded paddle with her on a chair, a few with the cane, and some swipes with a birch bundle in this well equipped hotel room. But more–a martinet, a long thin tawse, and yet another martinet. We end with the cane again for a few finishing strokes.

In the hotel corridors, Mistress Kane (Vida) catches a winsome blond maid coming out of a guest’s room, apparently a no-no at this establishment. Vida, dressed to kill in a form-fitting leopard print dress, drags the maid into a room and takes her through a sequence of spanking, strapping, tawsing, etc. clothes coming off. It is the domme side of Vida, and she is the best actress of the bunch.


27 Jun

MF/3fm   35 minutes

Prisoners for hire, a Lupus Dreams sexcapase;  a familiar Lupus character, ‘Kamil Klein,’ and his female companion ‘Vera’ page through a photo book with a guard and the female warden in an institutional scene. They write him a check;  we suffer from the typical language barrier here, but we guess the couple has rented several girls from the photo selection for purposes soon to be seen, and that the guard is running his own little concession.

Two grubby looking blondes, in vaudvillian prison stripes, are urged to strip naked in front of the couple by the guard. The couple examines the naked girls bent over a desk, one of those typical Lupus scenes of total helpless humiliation.

In the prison, the guard has a third girl, actress ‘Marci,’ dress as a maid, in the comical style, and she is soon at work for the ‘gentleman,’ at what is probably a little brothel setup;  she isn’t there to do domestic chores. He soon has her OTK and she is willingly accepting whatever comes along. The prison guard sneaks photos of them.

Kamil cuts some cocaine, jumps her again, gets her down to just gareer brlt, and canes her very hard. She wiggles around, so that all his strokes fall on one buttock. Marci gives him  a blowjob; it is, he is, all she can handle, he is so huge. He gives her a prodigous fucking, all with the kind of camera shot to facilitate our view. In real time, without repeats, it is difficult to imagine how the actress could have endured such a screwing. He cums, she runs off. He meets his woman conpanion again.

In what looks like another room where these prisoner assignations are occurring, Vera has arranged for one of the blond prisoners, ‘Mia,’ to be kitted out in a very parochial maroon jumper, blouse, knee socks, and maryjane’s, and she will now have her fun, like her male Godzilla had his. She begins a slow, traditional spanking and seduction–palms slapped with a very school-like ruler. OTK, skirt up, handspanking on maroon knickers, panties down, blouse off, gymslip rucked up, plenty of fondling by the madame.

The guard sneaks around with his camera, and soon Vera and Mia are naked in a lesbian tete-a-tete. A good oral scene, with Mia’s pink bottom foreground, knees spread.

In a final scene, the female warden seems to have caught the guard and his photogephy scheme. He is bound, naked, to a wheel, in classic medieval torture posture, while she whips with a flogger, having herself stripped down to bra in domina style. She puts him in a cell, and when she delivers a set of civilian women’;s clothes for HIM to wear, he can imagine that now he has been rented and what might be in store for him with the next kinky client, and he dives under  the cot.

Girls Boarding School-Redheads – GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

27 Jun

‘Sentenced to be Caned’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Tall, athletic ‘IRELYNN’ enters headmaster Tom’s office, conveniently forgetting the school policy -she forgot to knock and to drop her pants and knickers before entering.  This earns her the cane.

Hands on head, pants and panties at her ankles, the posture pulls up her flannel shirt so that a little red fuzz peeks out bwtween her legs, the type of detail GBS never misses. Tom makes her stare at canes on the table, before she must bend over, grab the glass top, and await the whipping, “on tip-toes,” Tom demands. Tall, glamorous Irelynn made for this posture.

The first five cane strokes ring loud on her designer jeans. “Trousers down,” Tom demands. Five more on her white panties. Apparently she laughs (presumably at Tom’s acting). He takes those panties down and lays on 12 more. To provide a pause, Irelynn must step out of her jeans and knickers.  “Position!”  About 6 strokes to finish.

GBS always concludes with some little torment. Irelynn must kneel erect, pants down,hands-on-head, on the glass table, painful and uncomfortable.

‘New Resident IRELYNN, First Week Report’ (M/f; 18 minutes): Ireylnn’s painful arrival at GBS was reviewed in ‘Poor Little Liar,’ GBS stories frequently depicted the inmate-girls being dragged out of bed to be spanked for one reason or another, just about any excuse, the stated goal to keep their bottoms red and sore for the entire stay.

It’s Sunday morning; Tom awakens the cute redhead who sleeps in little penguin pj’s– a loose top and shorts. He makes her read a report on her behavior, then face the wall, drop her short to display a red bottom. Is this not good enough? It must need a touch-up.

OTK propped up over a standing knee, shorts down–they fall delightfully as he smacks away. Irelynn has to face Tom without pants and keep reading the report–he twirls her slowly for us to enjoy her embarrassment and her charms.

Bend-over, elbows on her bed for the big floppy paddle. Tom accomplishes his Sunday goal–Irelynn’s bottom is fully engulfed–red, wheals, bruises. Even a breeze would sting. She cries and sniffles, great facials.

‘Red, Red, and Red’ IRELYNN (M/f;  9 minutes): More bottom-adjustment for the redhead. Tom shouts for her;  she knocks and enters, her panties and pants at her ankles–the requirement for entering the Head’s office. A little flower-print dress covers her vitals.

She has committed a new infraction, and now the rules require her bottom to be kept BRUISED for the next two weeks and not just red. But first, an inspection. She kneels on a grid box, skirt up. “It’s red, not bruised!”

Jeans and panties up. “Spread your legs, show me how far you can bend over.” Tom uses a carpetbeater on her jeans–she counts 10. “Trousers down, knickers down.” He has achieved his bruises.

Bend-over again, bottom bare, camera from below for the cane. More puss than usual for GBS. Sniffles. Then, on that grid box, a great idea by GBS. A  cube of wood grids, like a hatch cover on a sailing ship, and designed to be not nice to sit on with a sore bottom. Tom makes Irelynn sit bare-skin, with no weight on her feet or arms. Very medieval bit of torment.

‘Head Girl’ (M/f; 14 minutes): Another one of the GBS supervisors find a mess on the floor. “JUSTINE, get in here now!…Justine, housekeeper of the year!” Tall, cute, nubile redheaded Justine is not a student but some kind of contract employee, but the machinery of this institution will suck her in anyway.

“Girls in the this school get spanked.”  The supervisor grabs her OTK as she struggles. “I’m not a student.”  She stands to raise her skirt, back OTK to be spanked on pink pantyhose. He pulls the hose down–her pale Irish bottom has nice pink beginnings.

He makes her take off her skirt and pantyhose and move around the room, bare-bottom, picking up the clutter. With a belt, he whips her, bent-over, hands-on-hassock, lovely closeups, angles from below, clean-shaven charms. Then cornered, pink/white buttocks.

‘Locked’ (M/f; 13 minutes): GBS’ excuse to film another spanking for redhead JUSTINE, good enough for us. She is being frisky and locks one of the school directors into a room, where he shouts and waits until Headmaster Tom can rescue him.

Justine is dragged in–she must have known this would not be a good idea for her tail feathers. She has already lost her pants, of course the condition of entering the office. OTK for a brief warmup from Tom, then the cane. She must lean against the wall in the ‘frisk’ position–Tom wants her feet even further out, which of course dramatically increases the presentation of her bottom.

Justine starts with over 20 strokes, then a half-dozen more with ‘thank-you’s.’ Marks and bruises suggest repeats. The ‘touch-toes’ position follows, catalogued several places by actresses as the most painful posture. More caning. In conclusion, she kneels erect on the hard wood, hands-on-head, old fashioned torture.

Big Sister Paddled – NUWEST MM-065

27 Jun

F/f; 9 minutes

Female-on-female; the paddle, a brunette paddles a blonde in the empty NuWest theatre. No dialogue, but we don,t need details. The blonde is on her hands and knees, for twelve strokes of the paddle for each phase, repeated from various angles as NW did in these conventional spankings.

The first session, 12 strokes on the girl’s jeans, we see a centered view, rear end, and facial.

The next 12 crack session is on her pale blue panties.

And the last phase, “drop your panties.” The girl is in tears and gasping as the film concludes.

The Disciplinarian – JANUS

25 Jun

Late 1970’s; M/f; time: 16 minutes

Classic, ground-breaking CP, when JANUS magazine was advertising and distributing rudimentary more or less underground  CP films. We tried and couldn’t overcome the law. Over the years, Web collectors have made these simple, almost instructional films available. Sixteen clever  and hot minutes.

Actress ‘Antonia DuBois,’ as saucy a blond student as you can imagine, with unruly bangs and a perfect feckless and innocent demeanor, knocks on her school principal’s door. She must wait, in tears and anxious anticipation. There are many wonderful scenes in the genre of delectable young ladies waiting, wringing their hands outside the Head’s office. Antonia practices the apology she hopes to have the chance to give, “….please don’t cane me….I know I have been naughty….I expected to be sent to the punishment officer, not the director himself.”

Antonia is ushered into the office with the dreadful finality of closing doors. The Director, a tall middle-aged mustached gent with a booming voice: “Antonia, this will not be a pleasant introduction.” The punishment officer has sent him a note–she’s already been punished 3 times more often than any other student. She was “cheeky” to the punishment officer, even while enduring the nude humiliation portion.

Antonia admits she likes punishment, “in a way”; it is “sexy and naughty being caned on the bare bottom.” The Director does his best to look distressed and shocked to hear this, but we see why her punishment was diverted to him. He will schedule a “series of evening aversion treatments” with her, to make her come to hate the embarrassment and shame. “Report at 9 PM and tell no one.” The girl pretends to fall for this.

When she arrives in the evening, there has been another report on her since–caught smoking. She stands in a net top over a blouse and a skirt, he demands hands-on-head. Pouty face, moon eyes. In a Victorian-decorated inner room of his office: she will be caned first just for today’s smoking, a “prelude to the main event…take off your skirt, drop your knickers, and bend over that sofa.”

Miss DuBois’ acting and presentation of her bare bottom garnered much praise back-in-the-day, when these JANUS films were progenitors, because she was in fact very impressive and probably because this film  was a bit more salacious and in the vanguard.

She gets 8 strokes to start. “Oh, what a bottom, Antonia!” shouts the actor. “Now take off all your clothes.” “…all of them, sir?” She gets naked, a lot of attention to her breasts–large nipples. Full frontal lush pubic bush in closeup. The film is quite explicit.

IAntonia does some nude PT, very humiliating, sniffles, closeups, jiggles. Now for some “good German discipline,” says the Director in his Germanic accent, a rather suspicious grin on his face. Long leisurely nude frontals as she begs. “I think you’re enjoying this, sir.”

“Twelve strokes of my crop, my riding crop….you’re going to hate this, Antonia!” She screams and the screen goes black.

Girls Boarding School- More New Residents

25 Jun

This imaginative and productive CP film/web based company used the ‘new resident’ formula to introduce new actresses and models in their repertoire, in long segments, where the girls often got their first spanking in the ‘welcoming’  style. Here are some of our favorites.

New Resident Beverly‘ (M/2f; 22 minutes):GBS regular ‘Abi Whittaker’ introduces new girl ‘Beverly’ to Headmaster Tom. Another pulsating actress–pageboy brunette, burning blue eyes, and other credentials to be displayed. The girls chat with Tom-you can sense Abi has told Beverly this is the guy who does the spanking. Tom spreads his implements out on a table, to Beverly’s shock. “This is a joke, right?…this (she points to the straps and paddles)…is not in my plan.” She looks at Abi, “So he spanks you…like he’s your dad, like you’re four?”

Abi gives a brief lecture on the salutary effects of getting a good spanking. No  dice. “This is freaky stuff…that guy, uses these?” Tom takes Abi OTK first to illustrate, but Beverly thinks she likes being spanked, a conclusion you should draw for yourself after viewing other Abi episodes. Tom shows Beverly the results. “What?”   “…a red bottom.”

Beverly: “I’m out of here.” But Tom points out she has surrendered her cell phone, wallet, and passport. Lock-down. She finally goes OTK, just handspanking on her jeans to start, and she works to keep her hair from covering her face.

When she stands, Abi lowers Beverly’s jeans herself; back OTK, blue bikini panties. She must thank Abi. She squawks, but she will keep her dignity for the moment. “This is just the beginning, ” she hears.

Gina, parts 1 and 2’ (M/f; 16 minutes): Lisa and Gina play pool in the basement; billiard tables and CP films go together. Headmaster Tom appears and meets new fish Gina. She is a smouldering short-haired brunette, doe-eyes, a lot of body pressing to come out. Tom is immediately angry about her attire–he needs this venom to increase his “bat speed,” as it were.

The girls are escorted upstairs. Lisa is to give Gina her preliminary spanking. the girls step into the next room and fake the sounds and the cries. When they return, Tom requires Gina to drop her skirt and thong and go to the wall. No  red bottom. “Everything was fake?”

Lisa is dismissed, but not for long. OTK for Gina. She flashes a pencil-thin Mohawk, someone would have had to get on their hands and knees to fashion. Nice spanking viewed several ways, immediate pink. She is left kneeling uncomfortably on a chair.

In part 2, comeuppance for Lisa, another diminuitive brunette with pigtails. These two stunning models are the equal of any at GBS, where absolutely the prettiest girls in CP reside. She has been made to wait. Does that mean her buttocks tingle? Over a bannister, jeans down, bare bottom, the very big floppy (and loud) leather strap. Her loud cries echo in the atrium. Cornered bare, left to think.

Irelynn-Poor Little Liar ‘ (M/f; 19 minutes): Newbie Irish-looking colleen Irelynn brings a letter to headmaster
Tom, a court-order for her to be admitted and given corporal punishment at the Girls Boarding School. She claims she is ‘Julia,’ not this ‘Irelynn’ person. She wears fashionable street clothes and a white coat, very much like she does not deserve to be here.

Tom is not fooled; he’s been expecting a new arrival by the name of ‘Irelynn’; her photo was probably in a file and her face you would not forget. After some scolding, he puts her nose in a corner then takes her OTK for a startup handspanking. Stylish flannel shirt under the coat, white slacks. Great facials of this classy redhead.

Tom makes her drop her slacks and panties–she has given up pretending who she is. “This is how your bottom will look for the next six months.” Back OTK, shuffling around with her pants at her ankles, then nose back into the corner. “That was a beginning, young lady, your first spanking.”

New Resident Justine‘ (M/f; 17 minutes): Justine (Rosenburg) is an Irish-looking redhead (we think now Norwegian) with long, wild, and unruly curly red hair, and the pale skin to accompany it. If this is consistent with other models, this would be the start of her career, before XEROTICS and others. She sits in her school uniform at a desk fashioned from an old sewing machine table, struggling to spell words a master hurls at her.

He is soon frustrated and makes her stand and take palm slaps from a tawse. Justine squeals and flushes red in the face, something we cannot recall seeing so vividly in a CP film, even though it is what should occur.

More spelling at the desk, failure, bend-over the desk, skirt up, full maroon panties, a very hard smacking from the floppy leather strap GBS uses, which is the size of a fraternity paddle and covers a lot of skin.

Justine must take off her jumper and blouse and does an excellent job of expressing embarrassment, standing there covering up in a bra and panties. On order, she pulls her panties down and bends back over the desk for more strap, spelling out letters as the strokes fall.

She has to hand over her bra and is now naked–a big girl with lots to look at. He tawny fuzz suggests she is an authentic redhead; the hands-on-head posture, shoulders back, chin up, is very flattering to a good figure.

She straddles a straight chair, cowboy style, leans over the back for more paddling, strokes counted aloud. Left sitting naked on a hard chair to “practice words.”

‘New Resident KATHRIN’ (M/f; 14 minutes): a young, cute short-haired brunette sits on a chair awaiting Headmaster Tom. She wears jeans and a pink top.

Tom enters and opens her file. “Kathrin…19 years old…sentenced by the authorities to the Girls Boarding School…a special case….completely out of control!” Kathrin feigns complete surprise as to why she should be here, which is probably worth a shot given what you figure she has heard about this place.

It will be “shame…humiliation…corporal punishment….for the next few weeks.” He takes her OTK anf begins on her jeans. This will happen “every day.” “Can you feel that?….loud and clear.”   “Yes, sir.”

But Kathrin seems passive and unmoved, so “trousers down…knickers down.” She is slow to react, so he makes her drop pants again. He gets the GBS Spencer paddle but will not use it.

OTK again, Tom makes Kathrin sing out: “Please spank me faster and harder.” The actress does a very good job of remaining reticent, shy,and reluctant to follow these embarrassing directions.

Back to the wall, pants at her ankles. she faces us and instinctively covers hrself. “Hands on your head.”  Tom demands she thank him. He will break her in.

‘New Resident LOUISE’ (M/f; 15 minutes): A thin little blonde, not the nubile models you frequently see at GBS, sits on a chair reading her ‘contract,’ and she exclaims, “Oh, my God.”  when she see the spanking/CP clause. Headmaster Tom explains to her the rules of the house.

Rule #1, in the contract, says new residents wear no trousers or knickers for the first two weeks, anywhere, anytime. This would make an interesting sight at, say, the cafeteria line in the dining hall. So Louise takes off her jeans and thong and sits cowering on the chair.

Louise gets to pick three messages out of a bucket–she is sitting there with no pants on, so nothing is going to come good for her. The first message—three minutes of spanking, second–30 minutes in the corner, and third–10 strokes of the cane. Louise gets a crisp OTK spanking, wearing just a little brown jeweled T-shirt; this diminuitive blonde has all the feminine credentials for a CP film when she is bottoms-up.

For the cane, hands-on-chair, pants at her ankles, knees locked, glorious pink bottom nicely lit, classic legs. She struggles through 10 hard strokes and seems to bruise up maybe a bit too quickly. “This is what you will expect for the next one or two years.” Then to the corner, she gets out of her jeans, hands-on-head.

‘MICHAELA’ (M/f; 18 minutes): One of Headmaster Tom’s assistants has the duty today. Michaela, a sweet little blonde, her hair in a long ponytail, in a little white sundress, enters the office. She was caught stealing and will be at GBS  for six months. The director shows her the spanking implements and explains the corporal punishment policies.

He will begin an introductory spanking, OTK, pink panties down quickly. This actress has those fortunate dimples of Venus. Michaela cries from the outset and kicks her legs. “Please stop.”

For her, one of the painful and humiliating positions GBS uses–she kneels erect on a hard chair, leans over its back, which moves her bottom up into position, dress up, the big leather paddle. Lots of facials for Michaela, because she films so well. She keeps her hair out of the way. She counts out the last 10 paddle shots. Long hold on her bottom to conclude. Much more for her in the future.

Hard Caning! With Joanne Jameson – NUWEST NWV-342

24 Jun

F/m; 24 minutes

Young model Joanne Jameson in the domina role, and none other than producer Ed Lee as the target of her cane.

Ed is bent over a chair (we will never see his face), wearing women’s stockings, a black top, and no pants, on the darkened NW studio set. Joanne prances around him, almost naked herself, no pants, trimmed growth of pubic fur in the pre-shaving era. For those of us not prone to the F/m fetish, Lee knew full-well we would enjoy ourselves watching Ms. Jameson just walk around, so there are plenty of closeups on her, front and back, sans pants, as she goes about her vigorous business.

She menaces and swooshes her cane, whacking him very hard from time to time. Closeups of welts suggest some carry-over from yesterday. They take a break and enter the NW dressing room, where we thought Joanne was going to get some oral servicing, but soon the caning continues. She positions a mirror but it doesn’t catch anything. More caning, another break, probably to extend the film, because Mr. Lee is getting laddered.

Flurries of almost vicious, rapid strokes, some blood appears 18 minutes into the film. Lee never says a word, but he does let us know it hurts.When she is examining his ass, we are studying hers.

Jodi In Charge – NUWEST NWV-399

24 Jun

F/f;  23 minutes

Domina Jodi Cline spends some quality time with little Katie; Jodi wears a black dress and Katie wears a little girdle with garters; she wears on panties, but the girdle covers her up. Jodi will recreate with her.

“I’m tired of your high-and-mighty little princess attitude….this afternoon you will be my bitch.” Jodi takes her OTK to spank, but that girdle interferes. “It’s hard to get at your ass.” We can’t decide if Ed Lee had a fetish for Sears catalogue foundation garments or whether this was a wardrobe malfunction, but it does seem a shame under the circumstances to have Katie on your lap and not be able to access her buttocks.

After a brief spanking, Katie crawls to hand-brush a bearskin rug;  back OTK, garter straps released to all the stockings for the girdle to be pullled up. This is the garment fetish! More rug brushing–“Get your ass up in the air!”

“Come over here and lick my pussy….you better do it right!” (She does it pretty well, although the camera could have done better.)

More spanking, more brushing.

Bitch-time continues;  into the kitchen, Jodi slaps Katie’s bottom while she scrubs the floor then gets more oral servicing, standing there. Bsck into the sitting room–OTK again, foot-kissing.

“One more little task, you’re going to get me off.” Jodi sits on a pool table for Katie to lick to completion, before she is chased off.

The Spanking Machine – PAIN4FEM

24 Jun

Premise: the “State Minstry of Justice”  has designed a whipping machine which can mete out consistent punishment, eliminating indvidual variations and producing uniform results.

In fact, this video producer has devised a most demonic machine, which can be programmed for stroke number, intensity, and interval, and can be positioned to slash the bottom, the front,or the back. If robots can build cars, they can whip girls’ bottoms.

In this first collection, the State will test the device on three convicted offenders, who have volunteered, in return for a reduction in their sentence

A statuesque blond young lady (“what is a nice girl like you doing in a place….”), actress ‘Lea,’ is led into the punishment room, wrists handcuffed behind her back, by Peter Schober’s blond assistant, while he sits at the electronic controls of the spanking machine, taking in this reluctant volunteer morsel. She wears a pink coat, a lime-green top, and fashionable little white cut-off shorts. She may have volunteered, but she doesn’t look too enthusiastic and doesn’t like the look of the machine or this clinical scene.

Her wrists are released and she is directed to strip to the waist. Coat off, shirt over her head, bra off, the camera holds on her breaats, and for good reason. Her legs are spread and ankles manacled, her waist is chained to a center post which pins her mid-section against a pad, her wrists are fastened to a spreader bar and hauled up with a loud erotic cranking. If you like armpits and well-shaped arms stretched to discomfort, visit this one. The female assistant clips up her hair to bare her back.

Peter and the assistant switch places. He measures the distances, fastens the thin lanyard whip to the machine arm; they give the machine dry runs, in a devilish CP version of a movie medieval captial punishment scene, where the victim is tormented by the preparations. Peter gives this sweet blonde a short scolding, issues orders for 50 lashes, intensity #2, interval #4, and then nods to begin.

The machine whirls into action, laying on one stroke about every 5 seconds. She yelps on each. The machine moves slowly up and down, so as to ladder the stripes. The whipping segment lasted about 6 and one-half minutes, or about 80 strokes. Nothing mean, but she will have one hell of a sunburn for a few days. Very erotic, especially as she glances back fearfully to try to anticipate the next stroke.

The  blond assistant oils her back at the conclusion. She carefully dresses, is handcuffed and led out, looking none too happy and possibly a little angry.  Jeans remained in place. Other additions of this series are entitled ‘The Spanking Machine,’ where the jeans situation is dealt with.

The second volunteer to have her sentence reduced is a jet black haired brunette, actress ‘Taylor,’ exotic and exciting when she hands over her blouse and bra. Her machine whipping lasts about 5 minutes, maybe 60 snappy strokes from the lanyard, which elicit the same little gasps and cries.

The third girl–this P4F actress ‘Kelly,’ specializes in taking off her top and keeping it off. Her whipping lasts almost 7 minutes, there are tears, red stripes, and thanks to good camera work, a lot of boobs.

’Spanking Machine 1’  (M/2f; year: 2008; time: 35 minutes) Another elaborate presentation of the machine. Schrober will punish two girls, identified as ‘Noreen’ and ‘Shannon.’ The preparation and fastening take as long as the caning. If you share our attraction to the tension of anticipation, you will enjoy these early long-form P4F films.

The cuffed girls are brought in, stripped from the waist down, and strapped to the most complicated trestle you will see in the CP genre. Velcro straps for the thighs, small of the back, in several places. Wrists and ankles are cuffed and hooked to the frame. The victim isn’t going to be able to move. You hope the caning is worth all this.

Shrober removes the synthetic cane shaft from its form of brine soaking and attaches it to the arm of the machine. The mechanism itself is attached to a dolly on wheels, which can be rolled into position to strike the buttocks. An electronic signal from a laptop raises and lowers the cane to permit the strikes to ladder the buttocks. Ingenious and wicked.

The girls cry their way through erotic sessions. Marks and wheals develop, and the skin is broken a few times. Helen applies lotion before and after.

The short versions of the spanking machine episodes depict the girls attached to less complicated trestles, and the whippings are more brief. We definitely prefer the theater here.


Spanking Machine #3 (52 minutes): In the machine room, a frosted bonde is escorted in, her hair pinned up. After her handcuffs are removed, she quickly strips naked. She is fastened to a vertical post, facing us, wrists overhead, ankles secured. The camera holds on her full nude body, breasts pulled high and hard by having her arms stretched. Peter Schober’s assistant oils her breasts and stomach for this frontal whipping.

Peter torments her by swishing the lanyard before he attachs it the the mechanical arm and makes his distance measurements. The girl has the misfortune of staring at the preprations. She cringes at the practice swipes from the machine.

The female assistant starts the machine. The girl receives about 15 strokes on her breasts and stomach in a tight reddish-pink pattern, about one every 6 or 7 seconds. She yelps after each. The speed is varied here, frustrating her ability to anticipate the swipe of the arm. She gets another oiling at the conclusion, dresses and leaves.

The second segment here is a bare back whipping, the blonde in white cut-off shorts, described elsewhere here.

Thr third segment finally fulfills the ‘spanking’ reference to the title of the series. A thin curly-haired blonde is escorted in, strips naked as fast as any of the  girls, displaying sweet tawny fuzz. She is fastened over a trestle made out of wood like lobster pot ribs, which bends her 90 degrees at the waist, her arms manacled full length in front of her, but stretched loosely enough that she can raise her head for us to enjoy her misery. The female assisant binds her ankles with soft ropes and clearly knows her knots. Peter measures the lanyard for her buttocks. checks the chains and ropes again to delay the inevitable, then directs commencement. About 40 lashes on her buttocks, laddered moderate bruning strokes, our favorite whipping so far.  Closeups of her swelling cheeks from a low angle. Her bottom gets oiled and she gets to leave after a slow and painful dressing.

The last segment on this particular collection involves another breast whipping. The blond model here also strips quickly without dispute, but looks a little angry and defiant about the whole thing. Peter might be turning up the heat a little.

She is fastened to the tall post, roped at the knees, and given a breast oiling. After a taunting from Peter, she shivers at the practice strokes, and tries to look away as the machine is readied. She takes about 40 solid strokes on her breasts, held in closeup for part of the procedure. Her lean and muscular naked body is held in closeup for a longer time than usual at the completion of the punishment.

M/f; time:8 minutes

Producer Peter S. presiding over the demonic machine again, his blond assistant poised at the laptop controls. A pretty, thin blond enters, hands handcuffed behind her back. Everyone in this scene is wearing camouflaged fatigues.

Shackles unfastened, the girl drops her fatigue pants, pulls down her black thong, and stands in a lime-green T-shirt, her pants puddled. Without hesitation, she bends over a tilted board, bottom-high, head low, wrists fastened, all accomplished in about one minute. Her bottom is already slightly red from another encounter.

Peter tests the distance measurement for leather lanyard/strap attached to the mechanical arm. Begin. Five minutes of whipping, closeups, good winks from her pussy, her bottom gradually ripens, no dialogue.

At the conclusion, the blond assistant spreads oil on the angry bottom. They took the label off the bottle. She dresses uncomfortably, which is realistic, is reshackled, and led off.

Anne Bowman Spanks Mische and Kyrie Kelly – NUWEST NWV-442

24 Jun

F/2f;  18 minutes

Vintage fun from the faux disciplinarianne,  who does know what to do with a female bottom when she has her chance. Ms. Bowman scolds in her usual awkward way. She is doing some school spanking here.

Mische is first, a diminuitive Asian and early NU-WEST model, who popped up later with CALSTAR and others. She wears a little flower-print dress we only seem to see out of the NU-WEST  wardrobe. “Take your panties down.” Hard slow handspanking, long high strokes. filmed from various angles. The discarded panties catch your eye. Mische gets a second spanking–everyone wears different clothes in this new scene. Ed Lee seems to be sitting partially off-screen watching.

Blond Kiri/Kyrie Kelly reports to Anne in the same storeroom setting. Mische is cornered bare-bottom in the background. “Take down those panties.” Same spanking process–that notable bottom this actress will carry forward into her CP career. And the second scene, withLee on-hand, wonderful little cires from Kyrie extracted by Bowman.