Bare Bottom Brits #13 – BRITISHSPANKING

8 Jun

3 segments; time: 56 minutes

‘Naughty Knickers’ (M/f; 18 minutes) Blond actress ‘Heather Stanton,’ still with a persistent little cough found in some other films (you don’t stop filming in CP), chats on the phone. The male character Peters she has made most of her films with enters. She is late with homewrk at school, all the time.

He devises a clever cure for her habits. He cuts out the seat of a pair of her knickers, so her bottom will be easily accessible to anyone on short notice. Then, “I’m going to make sure over the next half-hour your arrogance is gone.” She looks delightfully shocked.

OTK spanking, sniffles. Over the table for the cane, the cut-outs providing a nice target. A dozen strokes, the lines develop on the screen as we watch. She begs to use the bathroom halfway through. At the conclusion, “kneel straight” on the chair, “spread your bottom cheeks wide!”

‘Work discipline’ (M/f; 8 minutes) Blond Heather at a makeshift desk doing her work. The regular male actor, here her boss, “You’ve got a data loss.”  She can be fired (sniffles). “I need this job…isn’t there anything else I can do?”  “…I  would give you a bloody good thrashing…this is the real’re prepared for that?…you need a pretty good hiding.”

“Take your jeans down…and the knickers.” OTK. Her bottom is clear, despite her busy filming schedule. Bottom closeup, hands-on-head. This actress is always good for a leisurely nude pose. She agrees to the strap and bends over a chair; boobs hang in that popular posture. Doubled strap, slow-motion added. Top off, naked. More strapping, before the boss finishes and asks her not to discuss this with anyone.

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