Beach Girl Spankings #1 – RAVENHILL

8 Jun

M/3f;  time: 1:09

Vacationing girls volunteer for filmed spankings for cold cash; this was the first in the Raven Hill series. Producer Tierre Ainese wanders the Florida Gulf Coast beaches with a camera crew, man-on-the street style, enticing girls to return to the RH corporate condo to be spanked on film for cash.

He explains–three spanking sessions of five minutes each in front of a video crew, all bare bottom. In the first segment, 2 girls are persuaded off the beach, overcome their fears, and begin the game. Here, and throughout the series, the girls seem mostly amateur and authentically nervous, and in some cases shy, about dropping their bikini bottoms in the RH condo. This charm combined with a cameo/amateur filming style, and what seems frequent, unintentional humor, provide our principal attraction.

Kimberly, a heavy-set brunette, goes first, drops her bottoms and goes over Tierre’s lap for a real-time 5 minute handspanking, measured on an hourglass. She squeals as her beach partner cheers her on. Tierre is of course VERY  experienced as a spanker and knows how to pace the sensation.

The second beach girl, smaller with a little white bottom, gets the same. Tierre admires his results. “Now THAT is a nice red bottom.”

Kimberly selects “belt” from a “puck board,” where markers indicate the implements for blind selection. The hourglass, bikini down, bend-over, bruises.

Kimberly selects the puck for her  friend. The “Central paddle,” a thin wood fraternity affair so named from another movie. Five minutes of this. “Oh God, that really hurts.” The girls are losing their modesty and inhibitions as the spankings aggregate.

For the third phase, the girls just want to escape with their money, so they take the “sheriff’s paddle” together, a Spencer paddle. The girls sit and discuss the experience on-camera.

The second part of the film contains the capture of a very animated little brunette we saw interviewed on the beach, a former cocktail waitress with a tight litte white bottom, who seems to have been there and done that and is not totally overwhelmed by taking her bikini off. After her OTK spanking, she selects the sheriff’s paddle and then the “cane.” She knows that hurts.


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