Bottom Marks For Kirsty – STINGINTHETAIL

8 Jun

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Blondes get spanked more. ‘Kirsty Paterson,’ a tall, thin long-haired blonde, is in trouble with a man substituting for her housemother. She has been forging excuse notes to avoid PT. “I’m not lying, sir.”

“We’ll see….get over my lap.” This actress is one of those lanky girls who touches at both ends when she goes OTK. Skirt up, full white panties, slow handspanking. The male takes the panties down in due course–there is a lot of diverting dialogue, typical of this producer.

“You’re a disgrace. Get that skirt off. We’ll do some PT.” Shoes, skirt off, tie and blouse off, down to white bra and panties, she pulls on a gymslip. Jog in place, arm exercises, mild stuff compared to some films.

Knickers off, touch toes, fuzzy frontal, the strap and the tawse. The actress cannot avoid a little snicker on occasion. In some films, the sting eventually overcomes the inclination to giggle at the lines.

Kirsty does quiet down for the cane, a dozen strokes, some repeats. Six more over the desk, then she reads aloud one of her forged notes while she gets 12 more, and another twelve touching toes. StiingInTheTail again saves the film during the caning portion.

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