Caned For Smoking – MOONGLOW

8 Jun

M/f; time:  18 minutes

Cute schoolgirl gets squeezed by lecherous teacher; a comely well put-together frosted blonde is confronted by a gym-class type teacher. The girl wears a hot grey leotard which certainly shows the assets she offers and will need in the film. The teacher scolds and the actress can’t resist a smirky smile at his acting. He smacks her bottom once and sends her to put on her school uniform. Both have heavy Irish accents.

She returns in white blouse, red pleated skirt, red tie, and heels–naughty, naughty. She knows what this little game with the teacher is really about. OTK on a low chair, skirt up, regulation blue panties. Handspanking;  he slowly tugs the knickers down in closeup. She stands, he gets his wide, floppy strap. She must face him, skirt up–he wants to see her stuff. Full pubic fuzz.

“Take your skirt off. Pull your knickers up.” Over a school desk, the strap on her knickers. She stands and he orders her pants down–he is just paying with her. Hands-on-head, she must stand for another 5 minutes, her bottom fully pink-red.

The torment continues–she must unbutton her blouse halfway, lie on a bench and do situps, then pushups on the floor while he smacks her bottom. Over the desk again for a studded paddle. Pants down again! Another bare-bottom wait! Then a wood paddle, which elicits an “Oh, Sir!” Tears now streak her face.

“Strip off!” She is finally naked, very good boobs we were waiting to see, worth the tease-wait. Over the desk again for a short caning before she is sent naked to her room. The instructor got his kicks.

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