Condomania – MOONGLOW

11 Jun

MF/2f; year: 1994; time: 42 minutes

Pants off for Lisa Payne!  Any excuse for actress ‘Alison Payne’ to have to drop her knickers is all right with us. Here, in a grand old Moonglow production, along with actress ‘Jenny Greenstreet,’ she plays ‘Fiona,’ and has been naughty in her room with a boy and carelessly left a condom behind.

Jenny will toss Fiona out of the house, unless of course, she will “accept a good spanking.” Down to the “lounge”  they go–the sets are crudely simple in this era at Moonglow. Fiona is taken OTK; Jenny unfastens her slinky black evening gown from the neck and works it down her thighs. Fiona is not wearing another stitch. And we repeat, this is one of the great bottoms in all the industry.

Jenny has a strap nearby. “What’s that?” asks Fiona, in brogue. She finds out. “That hurts.” Or, in her accent, as best we can, “That airts.”

We don’t need a lot of detail on this rudimentary but entertaining story. We commend your attention to this early film, when full nudity was still novel and offered teasingly. And surely there must have been some frivolity on the sets with the girls and the lucky male actor. Maybe there are outtakes, as there are for some other Moonglow films. Jenny gets Fiona completely naked, but shortly Fiona jumps Jenny and is soon spanking HER.

‘Mike,’ the late great actor John Kirwood at Moonglow, beloved by all the bottoms on the staff, enters the scene and is entranced  by all the spanking and nakedness. He is Jenny’s husband, so Fiona is a houseguest or relative. “What a windfall,” he mutters. “They will pay for it in the morning.”

While Mike sleeps on the couch, the girls hide his spanking tools. In the morning, he starts on Jenny, soon he finds his implements;  she gets handspanking and two tawses.

We see Fiona combing her long beautiful brown Irish hair. In a flash of history, dating the film, we see hair under her arms. Before Fiona gets her turn at the morning spanking, Mike wants to advise her she should be using “British condoms, because they flush better, “ not what Jenny found yesterday.

Fiona wears a tight jumpsuit, a body-fitting item the actress Ms. ‘Paine’ frequently features, because she has the equipment, and this is the forum to display it. OTK. “Get this wretched little dress off.” Naked. Handspanking, 2 tawses. Mike goes for his cane, Fiona gives us an intentional full frontal, abundant untouched foliage.

Finoa kneels on a chair, leans over its back, for the cane. One of the great bottoms, the world knows, we say every time. Six-of-the-best, because she sasses, 6 more, which are repeated to show 12. Fiona tries to divert by telling him that Jenny is “two-timing” him, which earns her 12 more as a snitch.

Jenny arrives. “What have you done to Fiona? She’s running around the house naked, holding her bottom.” Jenny gets the cane of course. Clothes off, 6 strokes, then she is accused of the cheating. On the chair, 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles.

The girls cream their bottoms and check their condom supply. Then a little out-of-character coda: the cast of three infrom us the film is sponsered by the “British Condom Society.”

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