Anne Bowman Spanks Mische and Kyrie Kelly – NUWEST NWV-442

24 Jun

F/2f;  18 minutes

Vintage fun from the faux disciplinarianne,  who does know what to do with a female bottom when she has her chance. Ms. Bowman scolds in her usual awkward way. She is doing some school spanking here.

Mische is first, a diminuitive Asian and early Nu West model, who popped up later with CalStar and others. She wears a little flower-print dress we only seem to see out of the Nu West wardrobe. “Take your panties down.” Hard slow handspanking, long high strokes. filmed from various angles. The discarded panties catch your eye. Mische gets a second spanking–everyone wears different clothes in this new scene. Ed Lee seems to be sitting partially off-screen watching.

Blond Kirie Kelly reports to Anne in the same storeroom setting. Mische is cornered bare-bottom in the background. “Take down those panties.” Same spanking process–that notable bottom this actress will carry forward into her CP career. And the second scene, withLee on-hand, wonderful little cires from Kyrie extracted by Bowman.

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