Anne Bowman Spanks Mische and Kyrie Kelly – NUWEST NWV-442

24 Jun

F/2f;  18 minutes

Vintage fun from the faux disciplinarianne,  who does know what to do with a female bottom when she has her chance. Ms. Bowman scolds in her usual awkward way. She is doing some school spanking here.

Mische is first, a diminuitive Asian and early NU-WEST model, who popped up later with CALSTAR and others. She wears a little flower-print dress we only seem to see out of the NU-WEST  wardrobe. “Take your panties down.” Hard slow handspanking, long high strokes. filmed from various angles. The discarded panties catch your eye. Mische gets a second spanking–everyone wears different clothes in this new scene. Ed Lee seems to be sitting partially off-screen watching.

Blond Kiri/Kyrie Kelly reports to Anne in the same storeroom setting. Mische is cornered bare-bottom in the background. “Take down those panties.” Same spanking process–that notable bottom this actress will carry forward into her CP career. And the second scene, withLee on-hand, wonderful little cires from Kyrie extracted by Bowman.

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