Hard Caning! With Joanne Jameson – NUWEST NWV-342

24 Jun

F/m; 24 minutes

Young model Joanne Jameson in the domina role, and none other than producer Ed Lee as the target of her cane.

Ed is bent over a chair (we will never see his face), wearing women’s stockings, a black top, and no pants, on the darkened NW studio set. Joanne prances around him, almost naked herself, no pants, trimmed growth of pubic fur in the pre-shaving era. For those of us not prone to the F/m fetish, Lee knew full-well we would enjoy ourselves watching Ms. Jameson just walk around, so there are plenty of closeups on her, front and back, sans pants, as she goes about her vigorous business.

She menaces and swooshes her cane, whacking him very hard from time to time. Closeups of welts suggest some carry-over from yesterday. They take a break and enter the NW dressing room, where we thought Joanne was going to get some oral servicing, but soon the caning continues. She positions a mirror but it doesn’t catch anything. More caning, another break, probably to extend the film, because Mr. Lee is getting laddered.

Flurries of almost vicious, rapid strokes, some blood appears 18 minutes into the film. Lee never says a word, but he does let us know it hurts.When she is examining his ass, we are studying hers.

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