Jodi In Charge – NUWEST NWV-399

24 Jun

F/f;  23 minutes

Domina Jodi Cline spends some quality time with little Katie; Jodi wears a black dress and Katie wears a little girdle with garters; she wears on panties, but the girdle covers her up. Jodi will recreate with her.

“I’m tired of your high-and-mighty little princess attitude….this afternoon you will be my bitch.” Jodi takes her OTK to spank, but that girdle interferes. “It’s hard to get at your ass.” We can’t decide if Ed Lee had a fetish for Sears catalogue foundation garments or whether this was a wardrobe malfunction, but it does seem a shame under the circumstances to have Katie on your lap and not be able to access her buttocks.

After a brief spanking, Katie crawls to hand-brush a bearskin rug;  back OTK, garter straps released to all the stockings for the girdle to be pullled up. This is the garment fetish! More rug brushing–“Get your ass up in the air!”

“Come over here and lick my pussy….you better do it right!” (She does it pretty well, although the camera could have done better.)

More spanking, more brushing.

Bitch-time continues;  into the kitchen, Jodi slaps Katie’s bottom while she scrubs the floor then gets more oral servicing, standing there. Bsck into the sitting room–OTK again, foot-kissing.

“One more little task, you’re going to get me off.” Jodi sits on a pool table for Katie to lick to completion, before she is chased off.

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