The Spanking Machine – PAIN4FEM

24 Jun

Premise: the “State Minstry of Justice”  has designed a whipping machine which can mete out consistent punishment, eliminating indvidual variations and producing uniform results.

In fact, this video producer has devised a most demonic machine, which can be programmed for stroke number, intensity, and interval, and can be positioned to slash the bottom, the front,or the back. If robots can build cars, they can whip girls’ bottoms.

In this first collection, the State will test the device on three convicted offenders, who have volunteered, in return for a reduction in their sentence

A statuesque blond young lady (“what is a nice girl like you doing in a place….”), actress ‘Lea,’ is led into the punishment room, wrists handcuffed behind her back, by Peter Schober’s blond assistant, while he sits at the electronic controls of the spanking machine, taking in this reluctant volunteer morsel. She wears a pink coat, a lime-green top, and fashionable little white cut-off shorts. She may have volunteered, but she doesn’t look too enthusiastic and doesn’t like the look of the machine or this clinical scene.

Her wrists are released and she is directed to strip to the waist. Coat off, shirt over her head, bra off, the camera holds on her breaats, and for good reason. Her legs are spread and ankles manacled, her waist is chained to a center post which pins her mid-section against a pad, her wrists are fastened to a spreader bar and hauled up with a loud erotic cranking. If you like armpits and well-shaped arms stretched to discomfort, visit this one. The female assistant clips up her hair to bare her back.

Peter and the assistant switch places. He measures the distances, fastens the thin lanyard whip to the machine arm; they give the machine dry runs, in a devilish CP version of a movie medieval captial punishment scene, where the victim is tormented by the preparations. Peter gives this sweet blonde a short scolding, issues orders for 50 lashes, intensity #2, interval #4, and then nods to begin.

The machine whirls into action, laying on one stroke about every 5 seconds. She yelps on each. The machine moves slowly up and down, so as to ladder the stripes. The whipping segment lasted about 6 and one-half minutes, or about 80 strokes. Nothing mean, but she will have one hell of a sunburn for a few days. Very erotic, especially as she glances back fearfully to try to anticipate the next stroke.

The  blond assistant oils her back at the conclusion. She carefully dresses, is handcuffed and led out, looking none too happy and possibly a little angry.  Jeans remained in place. Other additions of this series are entitled ‘The Spanking Machine,’ where the jeans situation is dealt with.

The second volunteer to have her sentence reduced is a jet black haired brunette, actress ‘Taylor,’ exotic and exciting when she hands over her blouse and bra. Her machine whipping lasts about 5 minutes, maybe 60 snappy strokes from the lanyard, which elicit the same little gasps and cries.

The third girl–this P4F actress ‘Kelly,’ specializes in taking off her top and keeping it off. Her whipping lasts almost 7 minutes, there are tears, red stripes, and thanks to good camera work, a lot of boobs.

’Spanking Machine 1’  (M/2f; year: 2008; time: 35 minutes) Another elaborate presentation of the machine. Schrober will punish two girls, identified as ‘Noreen’ and ‘Shannon.’ The preparation and fastening take as long as the caning. If you share our attraction to the tension of anticipation, you will enjoy these early long-form P4F films.

The cuffed girls are brought in, stripped from the waist down, and strapped to the most complicated trestle you will see in the CP genre. Velcro straps for the thighs, small of the back, in several places. Wrists and ankles are cuffed and hooked to the frame. The victim isn’t going to be able to move. You hope the caning is worth all this.

Shrober removes the synthetic cane shaft from its form of brine soaking and attaches it to the arm of the machine. The mechanism itself is attached to a dolly on wheels, which can be rolled into position to strike the buttocks. An electronic signal from a laptop raises and lowers the cane to permit the strikes to ladder the buttocks. Ingenious and wicked.

The girls cry their way through erotic sessions. Marks and wheals develop, and the skin is broken a few times. Helen applies lotion before and after.

The short versions of the spanking machine episodes depict the girls attached to less complicated trestles, and the whippings are more brief. We definitely prefer the theater here.


Spanking Machine #3 (52 minutes): In the machine room, a frosted bonde is escorted in, her hair pinned up. After her handcuffs are removed, she quickly strips naked. She is fastened to a vertical post, facing us, wrists overhead, ankles secured. The camera holds on her full nude body, breasts pulled high and hard by having her arms stretched. Peter Schober’s assistant oils her breasts and stomach for this frontal whipping.

Peter torments her by swishing the lanyard before he attachs it the the mechanical arm and makes his distance measurements. The girl has the misfortune of staring at the preprations. She cringes at the practice swipes from the machine.

The female assistant starts the machine. The girl receives about 15 strokes on her breasts and stomach in a tight reddish-pink pattern, about one every 6 or 7 seconds. She yelps after each. The speed is varied here, frustrating her ability to anticipate the swipe of the arm. She gets another oiling at the conclusion, dresses and leaves.

The second segment here is a bare back whipping, the blonde in white cut-off shorts, described elsewhere here.

Thr third segment finally fulfills the ‘spanking’ reference to the title of the series. A thin curly-haired blonde is escorted in, strips naked as fast as any of the  girls, displaying sweet tawny fuzz. She is fastened over a trestle made out of wood like lobster pot ribs, which bends her 90 degrees at the waist, her arms manacled full length in front of her, but stretched loosely enough that she can raise her head for us to enjoy her misery. The female assisant binds her ankles with soft ropes and clearly knows her knots. Peter measures the lanyard for her buttocks. checks the chains and ropes again to delay the inevitable, then directs commencement. About 40 lashes on her buttocks, laddered moderate bruning strokes, our favorite whipping so far.  Closeups of her swelling cheeks from a low angle. Her bottom gets oiled and she gets to leave after a slow and painful dressing.

The last segment on this particular collection involves another breast whipping. The blond model here also strips quickly without dispute, but looks a little angry and defiant about the whole thing. Peter might be turning up the heat a little.

She is fastened to the tall post, roped at the knees, and given a breast oiling. After a taunting from Peter, she shivers at the practice strokes, and tries to look away as the machine is readied. She takes about 40 solid strokes on her breasts, held in closeup for part of the procedure. Her lean and muscular naked body is held in closeup for a longer time than usual at the completion of the punishment.

M/f; time:8 minutes

Producer Peter S. presiding over the demonic machine again, his blond assistant poised at the laptop controls. A pretty, thin blond enters, hands handcuffed behind her back. Everyone in this scene is wearing camouflaged fatigues.

Shackles unfastened, the girl drops her fatigue pants, pulls down her black thong, and stands in a lime-green T-shirt, her pants puddled. Without hesitation, she bends over a tilted board, bottom-high, head low, wrists fastened, all accomplished in about one minute. Her bottom is already slightly red from another encounter.

Peter tests the distance measurement for leather lanyard/strap attached to the mechanical arm. Begin. Five minutes of whipping, closeups, good winks from her pussy, her bottom gradually ripens, no dialogue.

At the conclusion, the blond assistant spreads oil on the angry bottom. They took the label off the bottle. She dresses uncomfortably, which is realistic, is reshackled, and led off.

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