The Disciplinarian – JANUS

25 Jun

Late 1970’s; M/f; time: 16 mnutes

Classic, ground-breaking CP, when JANUS magazine was advertising and distributing rudimentary CP films. Over the years, Web collectors have made these films available.

Actress ‘Antonia DuBois,’ as saucy a blond student as you can imagine, with unruly bangs and a perfect feckless and innocent demeanor, knocks on her school principal’s door. She must wait, in tears and anxious anticipation. There are many wonderful scenes in the genre of delectable young ladies like this, wringing their hands outside the Head’s office. Antonia practices the apology she hopes to have the chance to give, “….please don’t cane me….I know I have been naughty….I expected to be sent to the punishment officer, not the director himself.”

Antonia is ushered into the office with the dreadful finality of closing doors. The Director, a tall middle-aged mustached gent with a booming voice: “Antonia, this will not be a pleasant introduction.” The punishment officer has sent him a note–she’s already been punished 3 times more often than any other student. She was “cheeky” to the punishment officer, even while enduring the nude humiliation portion.

Antonia admits she likes punishment, “in a way”; it is “sexy and naughty being caned on the bare bottom.” The Director does his best to look distressed and shocked to hear this, but we see why her punishment was diverted to him. He will schedule a “series of evening aversion treatments” with her, to make her come to hate the embarrassment and shame. “Report at 9 PM and tell no one.” The girl pretends to fall for this.

When she arrives in the evening, there has been another report on her since–caught smoking. She stands in a net top over a blouse and a skirt, he demands hands-on-head. Pouty face, moon eyes. In a Victorian-decorated inner room of his office: she will be caned first just for today’s smoking, a “prelude to the main event…take off your skirt, drop your knickers, and bend over that sofa.”

Miss DuBois’ acting and presentation of her bare bottom garnered much praise back-in-the-day, when these JANUS films were prospectors, because she was in fact very impressive and probably because this film  was a bit more salacious and in the vanguard.

She gets 8 strokes to start. “Oh, what a bottom, Antonia!” shouts the actor. “Now take off all your clothes.” “…all of them, sir?” She gets naked, a lot of attention to her breasts–large nipples. Full frontal lush pubic bush in closeup. The film is quite explicit.

Antonia does some nude PT, very humiliating, sniffles, closeups, jiggles. Now for some “good German discipline,” says the Director in his Germanic accent, a rather suspicious grin on his face. Long leisurely nude frontals as she begs. “I think you’re enjoying this, sir.”

“Twelve strokes of my crop, my riding crop….you’re going to hate this, Antonia!” She screams and the screen goes black.

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