Big Sister Paddled – NUWEST MM-065

27 Jun

F/f; 9 minutes

Female-on-female; the paddle, a brunette paddles a blonde in the empty NuWest theatre. No dialogue, but we don,t need details. The blonde is on her hands and knees, for twelve strokes of the paddle for each phase, repeated from various angles as NW did in these conventional spankings.

The first session, 12 strokes on the girl’s jeans, we see a centered view, rear end, and facial.

The next 12 crack session is on her pale blue panties.

And the last phase, “drop your panties.” The girl is in tears and gasping as the film concludes.

One Response to “Big Sister Paddled – NUWEST MM-065”

  1. George October 28, 2018 at 4:27 pm #

    The information I have found says that Nu-West sold ‘Big Sister Paddled’ as both NWV-404 and MM-065 so I think you have reviews of this movie under both codes.

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