Girls Boarding School-Redheads – GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

27 Jun

‘Sentenced to be Caned’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Tall, athletic ‘IRELYNN’ enters headmaster Tom’s office, conveniently forgetting the school policy -she forgot to knock and to drop her pants and knickers before entering.  This earns her the cane.

Hands on head, pants and panties at her ankles, the posture pulls up her flannel shirt so that a little red fuzz peeks out bwtween her legs, the type of detail GBS never misses. Tom makes her stare at canes on the table, before she must bend over, grab the glass top, and await the whipping, “on tip-toes,” Tom demands. Tall, glamorous Irelynn made for this posture.

The first five cane strokes ring loud on her designer jeans. “Trousers down,” Tom demands. Five more on her white panties. Apparently she laughs (presumably at Tom’s acting). He takes those panties down and lays on 12 more. To provide a pause, Irelynn must step out of her jeans and knickers.  “Position!”  About 6 strokes to finish.

GBS always concludes with some little torment. Irelynn must kneel erect, pants down,hands-on-head, on the glass table, painful and uncomfortable.

‘New Resident IRELYNN, First Week Report’ (M/f; 18 minutes): Ireylnn’s painful arrival at GBS was reviewed in ‘Poor Little Liar,’ GBS stories frequently depicted the inmate-girls being dragged out of bed to be spanked for one reason or another, just about any excuse, the stated goal to keep their bottoms red and sore for the entire stay.

It’s Sunday morning; Tom awakens the cute redhead who sleeps in little penguin pj’s– a loose top and shorts. He makes her read a report on her behavior, then face the wall, drop her short to display a red bottom. Is this not good enough? It must need a touch-up.

OTK propped up over a standing knee, shorts down–they fall delightfully as he smacks away. Irelynn has to face Tom without pants and keep reading the report–he twirls her slowly for us to enjoy her embarrassment and her charms.

Bend-over, elbows on her bed for the big floppy paddle. Tom accomplishes his Sunday goal–Irelynn’s bottom is fully engulfed–red, wheals, bruises. Even a breeze would sting. She cries and sniffles, great facials.

‘Red, Red, and Red’ IRELYNN (M/f;  9 minutes): More bottom-adjustment for the redhead. Tom shouts for her;  she knocks and enters, her panties and pants at her ankles–the requirement for entering the Head’s office. A little flower-print dress covers her vitals.

She has committed a new infraction, and now the rules require her bottom to be kept BRUISED for the next two weeks and not just red. But first, an inspection. She kneels on a grid box, skirt up. “It’s red, not bruised!”

Jeans and panties up. “Spread your legs, show me how far you can bend over.” Tom uses a carpetbeater on her jeans–she counts 10. “Trousers down, knickers down.” He has achieved his bruises.

Bend-over again, bottom bare, camera from below for the cane. More puss than usual for GBS. Sniffles. Then, on that grid box, a great idea by GBS. A  cube of wood grids, like a hatch cover on a sailing ship, and designed to be not nice to sit on with a sore bottom. Tom makes Irelynn sit bare-skin, with no weight on her feet or arms. Very medieval bit of torment.

‘Head Girl’ (M/f; 14 minutes): Another one of the GBS supervisors find a mess on the floor. “JUSTINE, get in here now!…Justine, housekeeper of the year!” Tall, cute, nubile redheaded Justine is not a student but some kind of contract employee, but the machinery of this institution will suck her in anyway.

“Girls in the this school get spanked.”  The supervisor grabs her OTK as she struggles. “I’m not a student.”  She stands to raise her skirt, back OTK to be spanked on pink pantyhose. He pulls the hose down–her pale Irish bottom has nice pink beginnings.

He makes her take off her skirt and pantyhose and move around the room, bare-bottom, picking up the clutter. With a belt, he whips her, bent-over, hands-on-hassock, lovely closeups, angles from below, clean-shaven charms. Then cornered, pink/white buttocks.

‘Locked’ (M/f; 13 minutes): GBS’ excuse to film another spanking for redhead JUSTINE, good enough for us. She is being frisky and locks one of the school directors into a room, where he shouts and waits until Headmaster Tom can rescue him.

Justine is dragged in–she must have known this would not be a good idea for her tail feathers. She has already lost her pants, of course the condition of entering the office. OTK for a brief warmup from Tom, then the cane. She must lean against the wall in the ‘frisk’ position–Tom wants her feet even further out, which of course dramatically increases the presentation of her bottom.

Justine starts with over 20 strokes, then a half-dozen more with ‘thank-you’s.’ Marks and bruises suggest repeats. The ‘touch-toes’ position follows, catalogued several places by actresses as the most painful posture. More caning. In conclusion, she kneels erect on the hard wood, hands-on-head, old fashioned torture.

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