27 Jun

MF/3fm   35 minutes

Prisoners for hire, a Lupus Dreams sexcapase;  a familiar Lupus character, ‘Kamil Klein,’ and his female companion ‘Vera’ page through a photo book with a guard and the female warden in an institutional scene. They write him a check;  we suffer from the typical language barrier here, but we guess the couple has rented several girls from the photo selection for purposes soon to be seen, and that the guard is running his own little concession.

Two grubby looking blondes, in vaudvillian prison stripes, are urged to strip naked in front of the couple by the guard. The couple examines the naked girls bent over a desk, one of those typical Lupus scenes of total helpless humiliation.

In the prison, the guard has a third girl, actress ‘Marci,’ dress as a maid, in the comical style, and she is soon at work for the ‘gentleman,’ at what is probably a little brothel setup;  she isn’t there to do domestic chores. He soon has her OTK and she is willingly accepting whatever comes along. The prison guard sneaks photos of them.

Kamil cuts some cocaine, jumps her again, gets her down to just gareer brlt, and canes her very hard. She wiggles around, so that all his strokes fall on one buttock. Marci gives him  a blowjob; it is, he is, all she can handle, he is so huge. He gives her a prodigous fucking, all with the kind of camera shot to facilitate our view. In real time, without repeats, it is difficult to imagine how the actress could have endured such a screwing. He cums, she runs off. He meets his woman conpanion again.

In what looks like another room where these prisoner assignations are occurring, Vera has arranged for one of the blond prisoners, ‘Mia,’ to be kitted out in a very parochial maroon jumper, blouse, knee socks, and maryjane’s, and she will now have her fun, like her male Godzilla had his. She begins a slow, traditional spanking and seduction–palms slapped with a very school-like ruler. OTK, skirt up, handspanking on maroon knickers, panties down, blouse off, gymslip rucked up, plenty of fondling by the madame.

The guard sneaks around with his camera, and soon Vera and Mia are naked in a lesbian tete-a-tete. A good oral scene, with Mia’s pink bottom foreground, knees spread.

In a final scene, the female warden seems to have caught the guard and his photogephy scheme. He is bound, naked, to a wheel, in classic medieval torture posture, while she whips with a flogger, having herself stripped down to bra in domina style. She puts him in a cell, and when she delivers a set of civilian women’;s clothes for HIM to wear, he can imagine that now he has been rented and what might be in store for him with the next kinky client, and he dives under  the cot.

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