Spankers Paradise 1 – KANE INTERNATIONAL

28 Jun

Early 1990’s; time: 60 minutes

Vintage spanking history; a George Harrison Marks free-for-all, where “Misress Kane” has taken ownership of the storied Hotel Derriere. The Brighton resort hotel is a gathering place for fanciers of the female bottom, and not such a good place if you happen to be female. There are several videos on the hotel theme, set in parties, rooms, and the bar, and depicting high hilarity, both above and below stairs–naughty, implausible, playful, humorous skits.

Mistress Kane is played by Vida Garman in her mid-twenties, whose particular talents factor in later. In the restaurant, a Fawlty Towers scene we have described before, a blond waitress spills coffeee on a diner. At another table, a young guy admonishes another blonde about having misrepresented her spanking experience to Marks and suggests a few pertinent pointers up in his hotel room. The spanking vignettes are thus set up.

The blond waitress is taken to a room and told to strip down to her panties. Handspanking over a chair. “Oh no, not my knickers,” as they go south. Some martinet and crop are mixed in. Nothing severe, but saucy and co-educational. The spanker is a grey-haired guy, working as one of the waiters, whose sister is Mistress Kane, and who has fled to this buttock farm on the beach to escape some legal troubles in London (Could he be some sort of dirty old man?) Since he knows the boss, these girls are his. He shows her the cane and gives her 6 mild strokes.

Emma, in another room, is about to be taught by her young friend what CP is. Such is life, having to give such lessons! OTK. “Oh, yes, quite a nice bottom.” He peels off her pants and continues the handspanking, gets in some studded paddle with her on a chair, a few with the cane, and some swipes with a birch bundle in this well equipped hotel room. But more–a martinet, a long thin tawse, and yet another martinet. We end with the cane again for a few finishing strokes.

In the hotel corridors, Mistress Kane (Vida) catches a winsome blond maid coming out of a guest’s room, apparently a no-no at this establishment. Vida, dressed to kill in a form-fitting leopard print dress, drags the maid into a room and takes her through a sequence of spanking, strapping, tawsing, etc. clothes coming off. It is the domme side of Vida, and she is the best actress of the bunch.

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