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Condomania – MOONGLOW

11 Jun

MF/2f; year: 1994; time: 42 minutes

Pants off for Lisa Payne!  Any excuse for actress ‘Alison Payne’ to have to drop her knickers is all right with us. Here, in a grand old Moonglow production, along with actress ‘Jenny Greenstreet,’ she plays ‘Fiona,’ and has been naughty in her room with a boy and carelessly left a condom behind.

Jenny will toss Fiona out of the house, unless of course, she will “accept a good spanking.” Down to the “lounge”  they go–the sets are crudely simple in this era at Moonglow. Fiona is taken OTK; Jenny unfastens her slinky black evening gown from the neck and works it down her thighs. Fiona is not wearing another stitch. And we repeat, this is one of the great bottoms in all the industry.

Jenny has a strap nearby. “What’s that?” asks Fiona, in brogue. She finds out. “That hurts.” Or, in her accent, as best we can, “That airts.”

We don’t need a lot of detail on this rudimentary but entertaining story. We commend your attention to this early film, when full nudity was still novel and offered teasingly. And surely there must have been some frivolity on the sets with the girls and the lucky male actor. Maybe there are outtakes, as there are for some other Moonglow films. Jenny gets Fiona completely naked, but shortly Fiona jumps Jenny and is soon spanking HER.

‘Mike,’ the late great actor John Kirwood at Moonglow, beloved by all the bottoms on the staff, enters the scene and is entranced  by all the spanking and nakedness. He is Jenny’s husband, so Fiona is a houseguest or relative. “What a windfall,” he mutters. “They will pay for it in the morning.”

While Mike sleeps on the couch, the girls hide his spanking tools. In the morning, he starts on Jenny, soon he finds his implements;  she gets handspanking and two tawses.

We see Fiona combing her long beautiful brown Irish hair. In a flash of history, dating the film, we see hair under her arms. Before Fiona gets her turn at the morning spanking, Mike wants to advise her she should be using “British condoms, because they flush better, “ not what Jenny found yesterday.

Fiona wears a tight jumpsuit, a body-fitting item the actress Ms. ‘Paine’ frequently features, because she has the equipment, and this is the forum to display it. OTK. “Get this wretched little dress off.” Naked. Handspanking, 2 tawses. Mike goes for his cane, Fiona gives us an intentional full frontal, abundant untouched foliage.

Finoa kneels on a chair, leans over its back, for the cane. One of the great bottoms, the world knows, we say every time. Six-of-the-best, because she sasses, 6 more, which are repeated to show 12. Fiona tries to divert by telling him that Jenny is “two-timing” him, which earns her 12 more as a snitch.

Jenny arrives. “What have you done to Fiona? She’s running around the house naked, holding her bottom.” Jenny gets the cane of course. Clothes off, 6 strokes, then she is accused of the cheating. On the chair, 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles.

The girls cream their bottoms and check their condom supply. Then a little out-of-character coda: the cast of three infrom us the film is sponsered by the “British Condom Society.”

A Taste For Submission – HOUSEOFMILAN

11 Jun

year: 1991;  time: 60 minutes

Tanya Fox!  as a mistress with a group of soft porn B and D actresses, and Ernest Green’s directorial influence is evident.

Mistress Tanya will spank and torment a series of maids, actesses ‘Angel,’ Ashley Nicole, Betsy Dumont, ‘Valkyra,’ and Jessica Lee, with floggers, straps, and crops.

In a faux dungeon, a maid is (not quite) tortured on a rack, stretched, flogged, nipple clamps, whipping. In later years, other CP producers will make a major event on this scene.

Our principal enjoyment here is to watch scantily-clad, leather-wrapped Tanya patrol the set, making her little lesbian dominatrix sounds, and trying to cover her beauty by playing tough.

Anne Bowman Wife Punishment – NUWEST

9 Jun

F/2f; time: 20 minutes

Vintage naughty fun; very early ‘Anne Bowman,’ never completely convincing as a domina, but an efficient and relentless spanker, who clearly loved her assignments at NuWest. This episode is entitled “The Paddle and the Cane,” and appears to be the completion of a two part adventure.

It is another faux documentary voyeuristic production, an improbable and naughty plot that couldn’t happen, but we have fun looking in from the outside. Ms. Bowman has two young wives cornered in front of her. Their husbands, “Mr. A” and “Mr. B,” observe. Bowman explains, stumbling through her dialogue a bit. Their disciplinary session is continuing. This session will involve handspanking, the paddle, the hairbrush, and cane.

To begin, she pulls both girls’ panties down and explains the “Spencer spanking paddle,” which is a thin fraternity-sized wood instrument drilled with penny-sized holes. Implement catalogues advertise this tool as stinging more because air resistance is reduced, but we spankos know that buttocks flesh pokes into the holes and stings like hell when the stroke is completed, producing polka-dotted marks and a surging rush of pain a second or two after air hits the spot. Spencer spankings are most effective  done slowly, like birchings.

Mrs. A, a skinny brunette, gets four with the paddle bent over a chair. Her sniffles probably don’t impress anyone. Mr. B wants his fluffy brunette wife paddled six times. She is not shy with her loud cries.

“Now the cane,” entones Bowman, with her melodramatic voice. Mrs. A’s bare bottom is draped over the chair again. Her husband wants “three sets of 2 and six of the best” from Bowman. She swooshes the cane,  “a terrifying sound,”  she tells us. She lays on 12 good legitimate strokes. Wonderful tears and an entertaining punishment. “Kiss the cane…thank your husband…you’ll go back over that chair if you are late again.”

For Mrs. B, her husband directs the “same sequence.” After her twelve, she jumps up in anger and pain and earns two more, then two more. She kisses the cane. Both these girls had better be good tonight.

Amelia Jane Rutherford – Definitive Guide to CP – FIRMHAND

9 Jun

FirmHand, 2010, 10 segments; M/f

Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Dr. Zaegler’ meet in an academic setting, a sort of faculty library room. The story: in 10 episodes on “Tuesday nights,”  the two will discuss, narrate, and demonstrate the practice of corporal punishment. “Dr. Rutherford” will be on the receiving end.

‘A’  Stunning Ms. Rutherford arrives in stylish striped jersey, scarf, and white skirt, blond hair back, studious eyeglasses. She is impressed with Dr. Zaegler’s array of spanking implements displayed on a table. They discuss the science and psychology of corporal punishment. “If there is no fear there is no deterrent.”

Zaegler, a combination as an actor of a professor and a gynocologist in a women’s prison, thinks Amelia should volunteer for this experiment. “What (implement) catches your eye?” Our naughty heroine selects a whip, which Z. rejects as much too painful to  start with. They’ll start out with the Scottish tawse. She kneels on a leather couch, and Z. flips up her skirt. “Oh, I see,” observes Amelia, when she notes the bottom must be exposed. Gotta love the acting. White knickers, garter belt, stockings, heels.

His tawsing is mild, almost playful, yet Amelia reports the cracks as “really quite painful.” They discuss the games of CP–wriggle and you earn extras. “That’s veryeffective, isn’t it?

24 strokes, enough for tonight. Amelia looks back at her bottom. “Ooh, there are marks.”

‘B’  ‘Dr. Zaegler’  and ‘Dr. Rutherford’ continue the Tuesday night series in the library/academic setting. Tonight–spanking one’s wife. “It avoids arguments.” Amelia is professorial–hair up, glasses, white lab coat.

Amelia the volunteer again–smock off, little white dress pleases Dr. Z. OTK, he bunches her white panties and begins a slow handspanking. Panties down, Z. spanks harder and Amelia begins to squirm. He pins her flailing legs between his.

After this little session, Amelia sees as how she “wouldn’t feel any resentment.” Harder, Dr. Z, harder.

‘C’  Amelia will portray a housewife getting the slipper for misbehaving at a dinner party. Doctor Zaegler will use an hourglass to time the punishment, a fancy one, maybe an antique, not the clumsy device you’d see at Raven Hill.

Amelia wears a long black slinky evening gown, as if she were at a party. She bends over, dress up, the most minimal black thong leaves her bottom bare. Z. starts with the slipper–Amelia jolts in surprise. He takes her OTK to increase control. Amelia’s facials here are some of her best–she doesn’t get silly and gradually increases her expressions of discomfort as the spankings progress. Like a goood ‘husband,’ Z. gives her a slow feel at the end.

“Thank you. See you next week.”

‘D’ Tonight’s presentation is that of a maid being spanked for misbehavior, using the household carpetbeater. Doctor Z.  explains: “It is most effective. It covers a large area of the bottom.”  Writer/director Rutherford knew just what kind of carpetbeater to use, not some floppy, limp thing, but a hard and compact knot of rattan.

Amelia takes her glasses off and kneels on a straight chair. Z. works her little skirt up and her black panties down. “Are you ready, Rutherford?” 12 strokes from the carpetbeater–she shouts in shock, gasping open-mouthed.

When they say Good Night to us, Amelia comments that it was “extremely painful.”

‘E’ Dr. Z. and Amelia narrate tonight that we are moving away from “domestic” spanking situations to that of “education.” Amelia takes off her clinical white smock to reveal a schoolgirl uniform. Z. starts her off with palm slaps with a tawse. She exhibits her entertaining shock of surprise.

She bends over the table, Z. flips up her skirt and lowers her white panties. She feigns surprise that this happens “even in an educational establishment?”

18 strap strokes, facials, shots up those long legs, very nice. Her hair comes loose. 6 more on the palms to close. Signoff. FirmHand adds some outtakes with Amelia declaring “Fuck!” after a tawse stroke, albeit very ladylike.

‘F’  Continuing on the ‘educational’ track, here we have CP in the privacy of a dormitory, more personal, and surely more edgy. Amelia removes her white smock to display charming pink nightie and panties. How nice to imagine a student awaiting punishment in her room dressed like this.

She kneels up on her bed and Z. takes down those panties. She leans forward to rest on her elbows and spreads her knees. When you are 6′  1″, this presents quite a sight.

Z. uses a cane, a succession of hard snappy taps become harder strokes. Amelia gasps through it all, keeping her flowing blond hair from covering her face.

Dramatic shot of Amelia standing at the wall, nightie panties where they should be, at her thighs.

‘G’  For this episode, “we visit our American cousins.” Doctor Z. shows us a substantial fraternity paddle. Amelia removes her white smock to display bobbysocker’s attire–striped jersey and designer jeans, actually more of an ‘American Graffiti’ look.

Hands-on-ankles, the first five strokes are on her jeans. “Oh, my gosh…wow!” She buckles under the shots. “It sounds like a gun going off, Dr. Z.”

She drops her jeans and panties and takes 5 more on the bare, breaking position and struggling to recover each time. “Ooh…you have no idea!…this is the worst experience I’ve ever been involved in.” We doubt that, but we enjoy her unhappiness. Great facials, and one last pussy flash at the end.

‘H’  Amelia and the Doctor greet us in their smocks. “This evening we are moving to the ultimate educational instrument, the cane.” Nice thought when you know who will be the subject of the demonstration.

Amelia strips naked as she chats with us; we have found it difficult to remember her words when she does this. She will be caned at the mantelpiece, an homage to the English tradition found in many of the best CP  films. Hands-on-mantel, she bends 90 degrees and locks her knees, looking like a statue fit for a museum.

Dr. Z.  lays on 12 strokes;  she screams through them with “Thank you, sirs.”  “Oh God, that’s the worst thing, oh God.” And Ms. Rutherford should know. Low camera angles up her legs enhance this scene.

She modestly protects her front and she suggests “Join us next week.”  

‘I’  This episode is about “judicial caning,” more dramatic things. Amelia and the Doctor discuss with us; she drops her smock and is totally naked, a lovely surprise even though we expected it. In front of them is an antique device for caning, a half-H frame. Amelia kneels and rests her stomach on the crossbar and reaches forward to grasp grips, putting her bottom magnificently into harm’s way, especially for her, because so much of her is leg. We suggest you pause the film to contemplate this moment.

Her bottom is already slightly red; Doctor Z’s caning is moderate, but Amelia still squeals and kicks her bare feet, to show the cane is the most painful of all. At one point she sits back on her haunches to rest, because after all this is a ‘documentary’  and she is merely demonstrating.  When she resumes position, Dr. Z  quickly fastens a strap to hold her in place, to her delightful protests, and the screen goes black as the caning continues.

‘J’ Dr. Z and Amelia explains that this episode is about punishment in institutions.  “…nudity in prisons, and for females, hair is tied well back.” Ms. Rutherford is properly prepared, her hair in a bun, and she wears erotic little librarian eyeglasses. When she removes her smock, she is naked again, naturally. The doctor shows the ‘reformatory strap,’  which they describe as a “formidable device of retribution.”  Typical semantics of these series from AJR.

“Doctor Rutherford, will you lie across the table?” We’ve pointed out before how magnificent Ms. Rutherford’s tush rises in such a posture. She explains it is best not to tell the prisoner how many strokes are coming, to retain flexibility, which we interpret as the option to keep going until the desire result is achieved.

Zaegler lays on 25 sizzling strokes. Amelia groans, surges, and kicks. The strapping is filmed from various angles. Z.  slowly fingers the wheals he made at the conclusion. The naked Amelia thanks us for watching.

‘K’ In this final episode, Doctor Z. and Amelia will demonstrate “judicial caning.” She removes her laboratory smock and is stark naked underneath. Doctor Z. shows us the “crooked handle” cane. Amelia climbs on to a stylish frame which looks like it was made by a shipfitter in the 18th Century–a kneeling pad, center posts in the shape of the letter “H” for the victim to lie across and be fastened down.

Amelia wriggles into position but won’t be strapped down because she is a “volunteer” in this science project. Z.  lays on 23 strokes of the cane, slowly and with verve. Amelia screeches, shifts around, and does a marvelous job of communicating how painful it is.

At the conclusion, she narrates her feelings, then climbs back in position so Z. can show how the straps would have worked. It’s a playful trick–he’s going to add more strokes as Amelia shrieks in mock horror.

Czech Teacher – XEROTICS

9 Jun

F/f;  9 minutes

This female teacher isn’t Czech, she just teaches it. She would spank a lot harder if she were. This simple one-room brief spanking exercise features a young blond teacher and a young brunette schoolgirl who can’t do her Czech language homework. “It’s too hard, Miss.”

The girl will find out what’s too hard. OTK, full white panties, a slow hard spanking. Hands-on-chair, the teacher pulls her knickers down for a floppy doubled strap. Sloppy camera angles betray the simple fake facade set.

The teacher concludes the instructions with a cane. Sixteen hard snaps with minimum backswing, and for good measure, five more. “You can rub your ass if you wish.”

The Accused – KANE

8 Jun

M/f; 19 minutes

Bare-bottom in the Judge’s chambers; a blond girl, who surely looks like a very young Suzi Martell,  is offered a choice we’ve seen portrayed a number of times in CP films–accept some CP privately in lieu of a public conviction in the courtroom.  “Childish crime deserves childish punishment.” What is a girl to do? This model portrays the anguish of making this classic decision very nicely. “Waht….what do you mean, corporal punishment?”

The judge, an experienced actor from the Kane/Blushes ear,  ceremoniously rolls up his sleeves and takes her OTK, she acting properly uncertain on how to do this. She squeals and struggles from the first. He stands her up, raises her black skirt, back OTK, loose print knickers. She must stand again and step out of the panties, this humiliating undressing as important to the judge as the spanking.

OTK, he fondles and massages, spreads her legs, and gets his hands in between.  “Yes, you are warming nicely.” Full-screen closeups, charms on parade. Again the blonde stands and removes her skirt. The judge himself unbuttons her frilly white blouse. She now stands in his chambers in semi-transparent black bra, garter belt, and stockings.

She kneels on a chair for a studded paddle, knees wide, puss on display, not a hard paddling but very intrusive. She stands again, facing us, while the judge slowly takes off her bra.  These are intentionally long full-nude scenes.

She kneels again, now for the cane. Almost 30 strokes, rubbing/grabbing pauses. The judge prattles while he works, so we could not detect repeats.

He gets a final gratifying rub at  the conclusion, the girl now completely docile. Excellent vintage ageplay, erotic CP.

Beach Girl Spankings #1 – RAVENHILL

8 Jun

M/3f;  time: 1:09

Vacationing girls volunteer for filmed spankings for cold cash; this was the first in the Raven Hill series. Producer Tierre Ainese wanders the Florida Gulf Coast beaches with a camera crew, man-on-the street style, enticing girls to return to the RH corporate condo to be spanked on film for cash.

He explains–three spanking sessions of five minutes each in front of a video crew, all bare bottom. In the first segment, 2 girls are persuaded off the beach, overcome their fears, and begin the game. Here, and throughout the series, the girls seem mostly amateur and authentically nervous, and in some cases shy, about dropping their bikini bottoms in the RH condo. This charm combined with a cameo/amateur filming style, and what seems frequent, unintentional humor, provide our principal attraction.

Kimberly, a heavy-set brunette, goes first, drops her bottoms and goes over Tierre’s lap for a real-time 5 minute handspanking, measured on an hourglass. She squeals as her beach partner cheers her on. Tierre is of course VERY  experienced as a spanker and knows how to pace the sensation.

The second beach girl, smaller with a little white bottom, gets the same. Tierre admires his results. “Now THAT is a nice red bottom.”

Kimberly selects “belt” from a “puck board,” where markers indicate the implements for blind selection. The hourglass, bikini down, bend-over, bruises.

Kimberly selects the puck for her  friend. The “Central paddle,” a thin wood fraternity affair so named from another movie. Five minutes of this. “Oh God, that really hurts.” The girls are losing their modesty and inhibitions as the spankings aggregate.

For the third phase, the girls just want to escape with their money, so they take the “sheriff’s paddle” together, a Spencer paddle. The girls sit and discuss the experience on-camera.

The second part of the film contains the capture of a very animated little brunette we saw interviewed on the beach, a former cocktail waitress with a tight litte white bottom, who seems to have been there and done that and is not totally overwhelmed by taking her bikini off. After her OTK spanking, she selects the sheriff’s paddle and then the “cane.” She knows that hurts.


Bottom Marks For Kirsty – STINGINTHETAIL

8 Jun

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Blondes get spanked more. ‘Kirsty Paterson,’ a tall, thin long-haired blonde, is in trouble with a man substituting for her housemother. She has been forging excuse notes to avoid PT. “I’m not lying, sir.”

“We’ll see….get over my lap.” This actress is one of those lanky girls who touches at both ends when she goes OTK. Skirt up, full white panties, slow handspanking. The male takes the panties down in due course–there is a lot of diverting dialogue, typical of this producer.

“You’re a disgrace. Get that skirt off. We’ll do some PT.” Shoes, skirt off, tie and blouse off, down to white bra and panties, she pulls on a gymslip. Jog in place, arm exercises, mild stuff compared to some films.

Knickers off, touch toes, fuzzy frontal, the strap and the tawse. The actress cannot avoid a little snicker on occasion. In some films, the sting eventually overcomes the inclination to giggle at the lines.

Kirsty does quiet down for the cane, a dozen strokes, some repeats. Six more over the desk, then she reads aloud one of her forged notes while she gets 12 more, and another twelve touching toes. StiingInTheTail again saves the film during the caning portion.

Caned For Smoking – MOONGLOW

8 Jun

M/f; time:  18 minutes

Cute schoolgirl gets squeezed by lecherous teacher; a comely well put-together frosted blonde is confronted by a gym-class type teacher. The girl wears a hot grey leotard which certainly shows the assets she offers and will need in the film. The teacher scolds and the actress can’t resist a smirky smile at his acting. He smacks her bottom once and sends her to put on her school uniform. Both have heavy Irish accents.

She returns in white blouse, red pleated skirt, red tie, and heels–naughty, naughty. She knows what this little game with the teacher is really about. OTK on a low chair, skirt up, regulation blue panties. Handspanking;  he slowly tugs the knickers down in closeup. She stands, he gets his wide, floppy strap. She must face him, skirt up–he wants to see her stuff. Full pubic fuzz.

“Take your skirt off. Pull your knickers up.” Over a school desk, the strap on her knickers. She stands and he orders her pants down–he is just paying with her. Hands-on-head, she must stand for another 5 minutes, her bottom fully pink-red.

The torment continues–she must unbutton her blouse halfway, lie on a bench and do situps, then pushups on the floor while he smacks her bottom. Over the desk again for a studded paddle. Pants down again! Another bare-bottom wait! Then a wood paddle, which elicits an “Oh, Sir!” Tears now streak her face.

“Strip off!” She is finally naked, very good boobs we were waiting to see, worth the tease-wait. Over the desk again for a short caning before she is sent naked to her room. The instructor got his kicks.

Eve Howard Meets Nu West – NUWEST

8 Jun

M/f;  year:1988; time: 23 minutes

Vintage spanking sequel; Eve Howard’s character’s spanking fantasies continued from ‘Ed Lee Meets Eve Howard.’ These early NW films were very much ritualized male/female over-the-knee handspankings, depicting naughty imaginings a secret spanko might have had. And we often did, at the sight of a shapely unattainable bottom.

‘Melissa’s’  diary has been discovered. Howard wears a silly skirt, blouse, black-and-whites, and bobbysocks, and she is diminuitive enough to pull it off. Lee reads spanking talk from her diary and begins to slap her bottom. Again, Howard struggles to keep from laughing.

“I’m going to give you the spanking of your life.” OTK, same chair in the center of the room, lots of shouting, panties down, her bottom is still red from part 1.

Back to the studio “interview” setup, for Lee to discuss Howard’s third fantasy–a girl whose boyfriend allows her to date other men then spanks her when she in fact does it.

Howard puts on a bathrobe and reports to Lee, who now humorously demonstrates what he calls the “Lee one-step,” one foot on a chair, little Howard dangling suspended over that knee, kicking through a spanking. For many of his Las Vegas models, he couldn’t use this position. Robe open, no panties, squawking, very entertaining.

In the concluding segment, back in the interview format, original clothing from part 1, Lee asks, indelicately as he often did: “How’s your behind?” “Sore.”

After a brief chat about the scenes, Lee takes this opportunity to give her HIS spanking. OTK yet again, panties down, the hardest this time. When it ends, Ms. Howard looks a bit shaken and ready to depart.