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Crying Women #3 – NUWEST NWV-298

31 Jul

year: 1999; time: 29 minutes;

More tears and bare bottoms; Vanna spanks two older women, not from the usual model-stable. Lee occasionally commented on film and in print that he received frquent requests from women who wanted to experience a spanking, either for film or in private. The informality and seeming institutional simplicity of the Nu West operation probably suggested to the randy female it was a place where she could experiment.

‘Allison’s’ spanking is underway. ‘Marie’ cowers on a couch awaiting her turn.  Vanna is using a leather sole, impressive full swings ring out. Skirt up, pantyhose down, no panties. Tears from this mature short-haired blonde.

Marie takes her place; Allison sits gingerly on the couch and whimpers. Same spanking procedure leading to bare skin. Marie gushes with tears and slobbers.

The second segment features NuWest actress Amy, with her brunette helmet of hair and teen face. Ed Lee starts her off OTK and gets tears before her skirt  even comes up. Bare skin–gushing/slobbering.

Lee spanks a big blonde in the next segment–a standard OTK, early years.

In the last segment, Vanna, who absolutely loves this work, spanks a blonde in a school uniform, white satin panties stay in place only for a moment.


Daddy’s Friend Spanks Harder – RAVENHILL

31 Jul

F/f; time:  34 minutes

On-line invitation to be spanked; ‘Shelly’s’  parents have advertised for someone to visit and spank her to correct her attitude. A woman sees the post and lets herself into the girl’s house. We shouldn’t ask and just play along, but–suppose 20 people stopped by to spank Shelly?

This is a quality Raven Hill production, outside of the ‘documentary’  format we are most used to.

We see Shelly dressing and undressing, a saucy reddish-brunette who looks like a good spanking might indeed help, in fact, maybe 20 of them. The woman spies on Shelly napping in a scanty little gown, finds a good flat spoon in the kitchen, and bides her time. The woman wakes her  with a hairbrush smack on her very white bottom. Shelly struggles, but seems to accept for the moment that the woman was sent by her parents. She kneels and hangs onto the headboard rungs while she is spanked. “Keep your hands up there. Don’t make me tie you.”

Into the sitting room, over the couch, for the spoon spanking, and a sexy struggle; the woman works off her little nightgown. Shelly is getting into this, but she begins to suspect: “my parents didn’t send you!”

She is marched by the hair into an exercise room, naked. In front of a weight-liifting machine, “Straddle it!” She fastens Shelly’s wrists to the pull-handles and begins a slow spanking with a doubled belt kidney belt, a large leather surface which covers half her bottom, kept full-screen in a lengthy, sexy scene.  we hope you share our fetish for spankings and exercise equipment.

To the shower, the woman soothes her bottom with a hand-held sprayer brush. Shelly curls fetal-like in the water stream as the woman leaves. It would have been interesting, at this point, if Raven Hill had allowed the doorbell to ring.

English Beauty – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; time: 18 minutes

Domestic goings-on; actor Michael Dawes at the CalStar dining room table with its Mission chairs and modern art on the wall. We should note here that CalStar has always had a problem with aircraft flight paths. The noise here actually drowns out the anguished cries at one point, but we loved it anyway.

Michael is furious with his blond wife ‘Melanie,’  who can’t do anything right. She is the “worst possible girl to have married.” Well maybe she is, but if she permits what is about to happen, you’d think you could find room for her.

Over the gorgeous table she goes, the oval paddle set to work on her bluejeans. “Pull the jeans down.” [aircraft] She can’t cook, she gives his money away, what’s more, she even shags the boys next door. “I’m going to treat this bottom the way it deserves to be treated.” [aircaft] He pulls down her pants and opens her legs. She is sent to continue the housework, bottom in the breeze.

In a later scene, she is ironing Michael’s clothes, dressed again, dripping contempt and boredom. He enters and is very displeased with her careless work. Shrugging off her excuse she burned her finger, “That is not as sore as your bottom is going to be in a minute….upstairs to the lounge, I am going to beat you.”

The lounge, you knew, holds that white sectional couch. She bends over, removes her skirt, to show a bare bottom and a black thong. He flashes the floppy paddle. “This hurts, remember?” “Yes.” About 25 with this strap–“Ow, that hurts.” [a phone rings on the set] Michael takes her thong down, she kneels on the couch, and he finishes her off with a brief handspanking. She walks out–frontal glimpse tease. No cane today, but Melanie shouldn’t become complacent.

The Spanking Court-Erica Scott – ALPINESIERRA

31 Jul

2M/2f; year: 2011; time: 43 minutes

Spanking tongue-in-cheek; more sub rosa CP mirth from this modest California producer–actress ‘Erica Scott,’ who made a series of appearances here, stands in the faux court room, before a judge who sounds like a Philadelphia Phillies fan, arguing her case against a man who has some claim against her. Ms. Scott suspects the words “Spanking Court”  on the official shield on the wall do not suggest she will get a fair hearing.

Surely enough, after brief debate, the vaudevilian judge awards her 200 strokes of the paddle, administered forthwith. She is suitably shocked and led away.

In the punishment room, her accuser gets to use the paddls, and the judge gets to witness. Erica wears blue hospital scrubs, hands over the tie-tie pants, and climbs onto the padded punishment bench. Her male accuser gets to pull down her purple panties, then lays on 200 strokes, which she counts aloud. Partway along, he shifts to a thcker wood paddle. We see the customary white circle-bruises typical for where the wood strikes first. At 160 strokes, he drops his aim to her lower buttocks and thighs, to her very vociferous displeasure.

Halfway through this film, a second penitent, ‘Alex,’ has her day in court, a return visit no less. A young dark blonde. Alex has been protesting on-campus. This earns her 200 with the paddle also, no free- speech around here. In the punishment room, she hands over her orange prison pants, loses her orange panties after she is belted to the trestle, and gets 200 on an already red bottom. Tears drip down.

’Case alternative to depression treatment’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Erica Scott again. She wears the orange jumpsuit and is escorted into the ‘sentencing room’ by a woman. “Remove your pants….100 strokes.” She climbs over the spanking testle without further instruction. The male executioner pulls down her panties. Erica will count out the strokes and begin to show stress at about 35.

’Erica’s Third Followup’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Erica appears before the judge again, discussing the therapy her spankings there have provided her for her depression. The spanking leaves her “blissed out.” The judge will increase the length of the punishment this time, from 125 to 150 strokes (to be completed).

Very Best of the Paddle 1 – REALSPANKING

31 Jul

segments; year: 2004; time: 1 hour

‘RealSpanking’ has collected excerpts from the many colorful spankings they have filmed. The paddle, particularly American, has alwyas been the main staple of this Colorado studio, and it is always used with undebatable authenticity.

‘Bridgett’ (3 minutes): the ‘Friday afternoon punishment concept’  at RSI; Michael Masterson takes blond ponytailed Bridgett OTK; the RSI  exercise uniform–shorts, blue top; a hard brief paddling on her shorts; she drops her shorts to display her bare red bottom when she is cornered.

‘Amy’ (8 minutes): A  ponytailed brunette sits for interview with Michael Masterson, paddle in her lap. RSI does this format as well as anyone; we know in a few moments the model will stand and strip naked. Amy will be making scenes for ‘School Swats,’  retaining her jeans in this episode.

Masterson tests some positions–three swats bent over a chair, 3 more in the ‘frisk’  position, and 4 swats grabbing ankles. Afterward, Amy sits nervously , a bit unable to articulate. Postion #3 was the worst. Michael wants to see her”butt,” so she drops her jeans and panties and does a bend-over.

‘Lori’ (3 minutes): A brunette gets paddled at a school desk for no homework. Panties down, angry bruises.

‘Geri’ (5 minutes): Another interview for ‘School Swats.’ Masterson will use the Spencer paddle this time. 10 very hard swats on her overalls. Tears. Pants down, no mistaking the bruises.

‘Jasmine’ (6 minutes): A popular RSI regular–Jasmine sits for her ‘School Swats’ interview with Masterson, who loves to converse with his girls about other spankings they have had. She has made other segments today. “I know your butt is a little sore.” Paddling on her jeans, then pants down for an inspection.

‘Jennifer’ (6 minutes): “Your first time,” says RSI  staff disciplinarian to Jennifer, who must be punished because she has failed to make a smooth transition when she returned to the outside world. This earns the paddle. Over the desk, on her skirt, Dee paddles the hardest of the RSI staff, panties bunched, the more on the bare. Dee paddles in flurries which leaves her girls gasping.

‘Holly and Lori’ (10 minutes): ‘School Swats’ participants; Holly a thin redhead and Lori a substantial brunette. Masterson explains the procedures, then both girls get 10 with the paddle on their jeans. Masterson splits the wood of the thin paddle here, a common occurrence in these RSI films.

‘Jasmine’ (5 minutes): The busy actress again,  in her saucy little cheerleader outfit, excerpted from a longer RSI cheerleader movie, while not quite ‘Debbie Does Dallas,’ should filfill your needs. Jasmine knocks tentatively at Dee’s office. She is scolded for partying, then paddled over the desk with a thick little maple paddle which clearly hurts. Tears, bruises, little red cheerleader panties.

‘Lori’ (4 minutes): Hefty Lori in her RSI gym clothes, paddled by’coach,’ a perspiring gym-coach type. Sniffles.

‘Betty’ (5 minutes): Brunette Betty paddled again by Dee. “How’s your butt feeling? Has it cooled off?…I’m going to use this paddle on you until I think I’m done.” Dee likes the flexibility of an unspecified number of smacks–it makes the victim even more miserable.  “Start counting…louder!…are these tears?”

‘Miss Carstens’ (8 minutes): Masterson paddles this tattooed blonde and breaks TWO paddles. She does strip to just white panties at one point.

College Classics #7 – CALSTAR

29 Jul

MF/2f; year: mid 1990’s; time: 56 minutes

Our favorites; College Classics,  schoolgirl fantasies; well contructed stories in familiar school settings;  decent sets; pretty girls; acting, dialogue, and plot; realistic domination; and most important, spankings–severe and memorable, but not requiring a trip to the infirmary.

Two brunettes, ‘Jenkins’  and ‘Simpson,’ in rumpled school uniforms, are put through rigorous PT, not silly motions as normally seen. Mr. Adams, the male gym instructor, is an experienced manipulator of schoolgirls in these settings. These two girls have some athletic ability, They do fast step-ups, duck walk, jumping jacks, leg lifts, and a long session of stationary “bicycle,” setting up for us the view of their knickered bottoms hard at work. Jumps over a four-foot tall classic wooden V-shaped vaulting bench illustrate their dexterity.

The instructor is displeased of course, and bends them both over the vault, throws up their skirts, and begins smacking their blue knickers. Their squawks and protests ring through the gymnasium, which conjures our memory of echoes, whistles, the smell of floor wax, mouldy mats, oiled ropes, and human sweat. He works their knickers down; their adolescent protests reverberate.

The headmaster passes by and hears the commotion, dismisses Adams with an admonition, and perceives his good fortune–two comely students in trouble. He must keep up disciplinary tradition. The girls have pulled their [pants up. The Head climbs up on the vault, pats his lap, and directs Simpson to slide on.  She carefully stretches OTK the length of the vault. The Head begins spanking her blue knickers, very much in his face. If he becomes excited by spanking Simpson, she is going to be the first to know in this posture.  He tugs the panties down, Her bare bottom soars.

Jenkins then stretches across.  Very erotic spankings. In an odd seque, we cut to the two girls, stripped down to bra and knickers, doing more PT for the Head, who is bandishing a cane and discussing things to come. Adams returns, reinstated, is given the cane, and instructs Simpson over the vault again. Four crisp cane strokes on her knickers, then a slow 6 on the bare. Her bottom is carefully positioned, well-lit, and she is delightfully unhappy.

Another scene jump. Jenkins is fully clothed bouncing on a trampoline, urged on by Adams. Cigarettes pop out, Adams is suitably angry about school rules, and OTK she goes on a nearby chair. A  sexy little struggle plays out as Jenkins tries to anticipate her pants being pulled down.

A female teacher appears, severe in appearance, and Adams is chased off again, having been caught spanking her students. She will take over. The teacher offers Jenkins a trip to the headmaster’s office  or back OTK with her. She is a firm lefthanded spanker. She sends Jenkins to her car to get a paddle there, and while at the car Jenkins actually steals some personal items and lets air out of a tire.

Jenkins is caught of course, and since we are in the midst of a spanking session, the severity is notched up. Over the trampoline–“Make yourself comfortable….” The ‘paddle’ is a long leather flapper, which makes a lot of noise. First on her panties, then bare bottom, fully pink-red results, and some squirming from Jenkins to indicate that she is feeling it.

The lesbian-looking teacher has more than a casual interest in Jenkins–she must undress, and hands over her tie, blouse, skirt, and pants until she is naked. Back oiver the edge of the trampoline, a pad positioned to cushion the metal pipes, for the cane. Fully 16 strokes, some on the thighs, very significant marks and wheals. Jenkins’  bottom cannot give with the strokes in this posture.

When she is released, a frontal glimpse of the silky black luxuriance, and we follow her into a bathroom and watch the slow creaming of a banged up tush.

Riding Mistress Discipline – NUWEST NWV-157

29 Jul

F/3f; year: 1991; time: 25 minutes

Multiple spankings; over the years NuWest made a number of films with girls lined up against the wall and spanked one at a time, in front of the group. We always love these submissive scenes, watching the girls fidget until their turn comes, then nurse their red bottoms.

Actress Joanne Jameson and another brunette, both in their jodphur pants and boots, have three girls ready to go. The set is the empty blue studio, and the acting is comically awkward, but we are here for other reasons. The girls are getting thr strap, at 3 PM in this reform school punishment room, for infractions we missed.

‘Penny’  is marched in first, a long-haired tawny blonde. With a little nudge she bends over the tilted spanking box NW  used and is strapped into place. Her little blue frock is thrown up–there are no panties. She is reminded, “You’re the baby in this reform school.” Joanne whips with a short martinet, moderate but colorful, in the fashion NW used in this era. Her straps are released and she led out of the room, whimpering.

‘Schultz’ is next, a brunette. She wears the same blue institutional frock and has also dispensed with panties. She is whipped in the same fashion.

‘McWaters’  is last, a blonde with her hair very short. Joanne tells us McWaters had recently had her head shaved and given a dose of castor oil for a previous punishment. McWaters’ whipping is the hardest.

Boat Captain Caning – CALSTAR

29 Jul

M/f; year: 2008; time: 31 minutes

Crew girl gets a spanking; actor Michael Dawes plays ‘Percy,’ a scruffy-looking boat owner, in boat shoes, khaki’s, and a yachting cap he got at some carnival. He has hired ‘Katie,’  a tall, thin, long curly-haired brunette, as a “new crewman.” From the look of her slinky hips and a well filled-out turtleneck, you’d have to say that what Percy lacks in sartorial judgment is made up for in human resource matters.

Katie, with plenty to offer in the crew dept, is affronted by rumpled Percy and his dumpy little in-board. One look below decks and she wants out of the deal. This boat is the “African Queen” compared to classy yachts seen in some porno movies. Watching her moving around though, you know we need to keep her employed. Percy is plenty mad Katie wants to welch on her obligation.

Percy: “Come on upstairs…I’ll show you how I’m going to pay you…a damn good spanking.” This classy chassis is used to much better than this leaky tub. “I’m not taking a spanking from you.” It is a short argument. OTK she goes, When she laughs at the ineffectual spanking, down come her jeans. More spanking–just a black thong interferes. “Knickers right down,”  closeups of a sweet pampered bottom. She is pleased by a gentle frigging between her legs. “We’ll make this our little spanking boat.” He pries her buttocks apart with his hands.

Jersey off, bra off. “Oh yes, lovely,” pretty much covers it. He squeezes her breasts .They go below. She is naked, but this space is too cramped for the camera to have properly followed her down. The paddling now begins. She repeats, “Ooooh, shit,” which offends yacht-clubbing Percy. She bruises and blisters under several paddles.

It seems there is a cane available to be used, so “I’ll take you to the clubhouse for a good caning.” She dresses and they go ashore and walk through the boatyard to the clubhouse–we should say ‘yacht club.” Katie looks eager. Given how the actors are dressed, Katie was probably too cold to be caned naked on the boat. Into a lovely paneled room, Katie undresses again. Over the desk, but first a slow grope and frig. The cane is there on the chair. “This is going to hurt.”

There will be 12 strokes. At first, Katie jumps up and there is a lot of cussing, She manages to control herself as the strokes progress. A hand between her legs calms her. It is a realistic and erotic session. When she is finished, Percy takes her to show the Commodore her bottom. Now, imagine yourself as the Commodore and there is a knock on your door…

Joanne’s Hard Spanking – NUWEST NWV-225

29 Jul

M/f ; time: 23 minutes

A long, hard handspanking. NU-WEST actress ‘Joanne’ over producer Ed Lee’s lap for an unadorned, straightforward, long handspanking. No dialogue, little scolding from Lee, and not much to save Joanne’s bottom in the five minute segment which is used to make this 23 minute film.

Joanne wears washed-out jeans and a green top. The spanking is underway as the film opens. She drops to her knees off Lee’s lap to pull down her jeans and wiggles back on. Nice little form-fitting pink panties, which Lee soon pulls down. To conclude, she is cornered bare-bottom, a ceremony Lee cherished over the years.

The same spanking sequence is repeated from a dirict rear-view camera and then the overhead ceiling-cam.

Spanking Dreams Compendium – MOONGLOW

29 Jul

3 segments; time: 50 minutes

Vintage MOONGLOW; three clunky 17-minute segments very early in their catalogue, when spanking films still had a touch of Vaudeville, as if you had to have a comedic streak to bare your bottom and allow yourself to be spanked on film. Crude storyboard graphics, limited camera angles, and tiny confined sets, but the  producers know all about CP.

‘Six of the Best’ M/f; Early work for the actress’ Alison Payne,’  our Liverpudlian moll with the special bottom, both sultry and impudent at the same time. She’ s been caught smoking and will be caned by an off-camera male, “six cane strokes for smoking,”  an award she looks not unhappy about.  She kneels on a chair and pulls her own knickers down, a moment we have described before and can’t praise enough. She takes and counts out six good cane shots.

Alison beds down in her bra and full red knickers in a shabby room which looks like a day bed thrown up in the drab concrete store room MOONGLOW often used.  She rubs her bottom and drifts into the spanking dream; she is bent over a table, pillow elevating her buttocks, chestnut Irish hair flying, for 12 cane strokes on the bare, viewed first as a facial and then repeated, bottom full-screen.

‘Maid For the Birch” M/f;  A mutton-chopped Colonel Flack type bellows: “Where’s my breakfast, girl?” Lucy (actress ‘Lucy Bailey’), his blond maid, quakes in his presence. “You will be thrashed tonight…the birch. You’re going to get the hairbrush now.”

She raises her uniform maid’s skirt, goes OTK. The Colonel parts her bloomers for the treasure hunt to  bare her buttocks. Mild but colorful hairbrush spanking. The set is a flat, blacked-out room with a decorative screen background.

Lucy returns at 8 PM and brings a  birch bundle,  which she had to cut herself with the gardener.  She bends over, parts and holds her bloomers herself; the birching is long and entertaining. Closeups show twig fragments. She is granted a pause to rub. The scene  ends–the Colonel has been dreaming this birching.

‘Count Spankula’ M/f;  A young girl (actress “Janine’) is awakened by a Count in full Dracula attire, and before he bites into her bottom, he spanks and straps her, makes her take off her teddy nightwear. “You are under my command.” A thick pubic patch establishes the time of the film. One would imagine these actors, especially John Kirwood , had trouble keeping a straight face.