Prison Canings – MISSMARCHMONT

8 Jul

2M/3f; year: 2004; time: 48 minutes

Spankings in future England; Great Britain has reinstituted corporal punishment in its prisons, a salacious fantasy found in some early videos. Here, female prisoners receive a much more piquant version of the ‘Welcome’  found in ‘Nell of Bridewell.’

A stark, edgy setting looks like a real prison. Two athletic hard-looking male guards, properly uniformed, not in Halloweeen gear we’ve seen in Rigid East or Mood, will inititate two new prisoners and discipline a third, in gruff boot camp style. Hard Days’ Work.

Newbie ‘Carole Johnson’ is hustled in first, a punky pink-blonde with body jewelry, manacled at wrists and ankles, exquisitely helpless. She is stripped hastily and roughly and stands stiff and nude, mug-shot like, hands on head, facing us. She has a solid sexy body but is not going to turn her back to us until later. A  guard snaps on rubber gloves the way you do it in these films and gives her a less-than-gentle body and cavity search. Johnson puts on a prison uniform, is rechained, and marched to her cell, to be dealt with later. We are as eager as she is frightened.

The second new prisoner, ‘Katherine Mitchell,’ gets the same harsh procedure. She has a wondewrful tearful, frightened, troubled countenance, a combination of acting and makeup. She is a blonde pontytail, with a patch of tawny fuzz. The nude mug shot scene is memorable. She tries to bribe her way out of her punishment and provides the guard some (implied) oral sex. A bit of detail would have been nice to see, but we understand the law.

It is time for Johnson’s caning. She is brought to the punishment stool and freezes when she sees the strap and cane. This essential moment in all institutional punishments is just a second in duration, but is done to perfection. Her chains are removed, she drops her uniform pants and panties, and she is ritualistically fastened over an ordinary wide-based stool, at the wrists, knees, and ankles. Her back is pinned down with velcro straps. Bottom-high, bare, and ready. The guard first taunts and measures, then lays on fifteen hard strokes. Welts and wheals materialize even as we watch closeups.  The second guard holds her miserable face up to the camera by her punky hair, as if she were a show-dog being  judged. She is released, re-manacled, and led off, bare bottom, to sleep on the floor.

Mitchell is next on the guards’  schedule. She too shrinks at the sight of the stool. Pants off, over she goes and is fastened. This ritual rattling of chains, straps, knots, accompanied by worried, fearful glances from the helpless victim, provide  theatrical, skin-tightening tension, done so well by LUPUS and MOOD. Her crisp white tight panties are left in place but are now ceremoniously ripped off and stuffed in her mouth. “It will help you to chew on these.” Both these girls’ bottoms were worth the wait to see. She is caned just as fiercely as Johnson and and is made to stare into the guard’s face as the strokes fall. We read in her plaintive eyes bewilderment as to why this is happening after the service she provided the guard. He gets to lie and she gets to pay.

The third punishment is forAlice Davis. She has been caned before. She sees a bundle of birches leaning against the wall. “No, sir, not the birch, sir.” She is released from her chains, stripped of her jeans, and roughly fastened bare over the stool. The birches are indeed fearsome to behold. Not a bouquet of nettle-like twigs, but in fact five or six long spiked branches–in effect, a half-dozen thin canes, all in one. Davis takes eight solid strokes; there are substantially widely spaced marks immediately. She cries out, gasps, cusses involuntarily, and huffs and puffs throughout the punishment. We agree it is the most impressive birching we have seen and it couldn’t have been allowed to go on much longer. Davis desperately begs forgiveness at seven strokes. She is released, remanacled, led off, bare from the waist down. “Take her to solitary. You and I may have something to do.” She groans because she knows this means she is getting a visit.

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