Spanked Hairdresser – CALSTAR

8 Jul

M/f; year: 1995; time: 29 minutes

One of those erotic workplace scenarios, where a female hairdresser is going to have to give it up for her boss for poor work. CALSTAR  appears to have gotten access to a real beauty salon work station fot this little set-to. We remember CALSTAR’s “Salon CP,”  with a memorable actress, top and bottom, who also mistreated her clients and got whupped for it, to the degree of being tied bare bottom to her operator’s chair for spankings from her boss AND  a client. Beauty salon chairs are often fixtures for adult movies.

Blond Lisa is styling and cutting the hair of the lovely Liverpool CP actress Lisa (Alison) Payne, who passes through the CALSTAR corridors, possessing herself one of the finest bottoms in the archive, but here she only acts. The girls chatter away while Lisa works, about men mostly. Lisa is off to Greece for a holiday with her salon boss.

Lisa cuts off too much of Alison’s hair;  she turns out not to be too much of a friend, calls for Lisa’s boss ands leaves in a huff. It seems Lisa has messed up other clients’  hair recently. The boss is going to spank her here and now. With a look of disgust and resignation, she goes over his knee. She wants that trip to Greece. She is well-stacked, short curly-haired blonde, who might be a good companion on a cruise and help you keep out of the dining room.

The boss is a poor spanker.  A mild handspanking, skirt up, bare bottom with a thong, which he soon takes down. Lisa must stand, pick up a puddled thong, unfasten her wrap-around skirt, showing us a carefully tended beaver patch she seems quite proud of. After all, she is beautician. Hands-on-head, short blouse riding up, bare below, the tension builds to see that blouse come off. A  silly hairbrush while she stands–in spite of the mild strokes she is blotching and bruising.

A mild strapping with a short strap, kneeling on a couch. The boss makes her kneel on her own operator’s chair for another strap–mild little tap-taps but a sexy pose and worth a daydream next time you see a lithe beuatician at her station. The boss is at least demonic if not dexterous. He makes Lisa kneel on one rolling chair and bend over its back onto another, putting her head dowon and bottom high. He crops her bare bottom, but again mild, although she is marking and coloriing authentically. Then the studded paddle in this exposed and provocative posture. “…keep your legs apart…”

And finally–we have been made to wait: “Strip off.” A long intentional frontal while her blouse and bra come off. She stands buck naked and must be thinking “Geeece….Greece…” “You are going to get the cane now.” There follow almost twenty strokes, inexplicably  harder than all the implements rolled out above, no repeats we detected, stripes you can count. She is sniffling and gasping soon enough–very erotic.

The boss presses the cane into her marks between strokes and the naked Lisa tearfully promises to be a much better hairdresser in the future. She is ordered to stand naked alone, hands-on-head. Very nice ending. Bring those implements on the cruise.

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