Spanked Wives #3 – NUWEST NWX-411

8 Jul

Early 1980’s; time: 21 minutes

More vintage over-the knee spankings; three segments. In the first, NuWest claims it was filmed in Anchorage, Alaska hotel room in 1982. The film does have the feel of an amateur porno ‘smoker,’ with the difference that the girl in question does not give up much. A faceless male has a tall, thin blond girl across his lap, giving her a moderate handspanking on her slacks. No dialogue and not much to report, except that any kind of spanking begins to have a tolling effect after some time lapse.

In the second segment, NuWest reports this is to be actress ‘Kiri Kelly’s’ first video, which is fun to contemplate if even close to correct. She is spanked her by her husband at the time, his hairstyle reminiscent of the characters in rock groups in the 1970’s.

OTK, skirt up, black panties taken down, she squirms and protests a bit much during a handspanking. You can easily see, though, how someone might suggest this line of work if they saw her walking around in next to nothing. Mottled, red buttocks, puss flashes, some tears. She kneels and rubs at the conclusion.

In the third segment, a male spanks an Asian girl with long hair; she pulls her pants down, and he also pulls his punches quite a bit; in spite of that, the girl puts up a fierce squawk. She struggles and kicks and manages to receive some bruising.






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