8 Jul

8 hot segments; 1 hr. 15 minutes

Tears flow at RealSpankings Institute; 8 excerpts from various films from this producer, where bottoms get smacked about as hard as it needs to be done. And, on the whole, you won’t see the American paddle used more effectively anywhere.

  • ‘Bobbi’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes): A  short curly-haired redhead girl, kneels with knees apart, on a bed with her teddy bear, showing all her charms, getting absolutely whaled with a strap by ‘Dee.’ She screams up a storm. “We’re going to move to harder implements.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,”  she wails to no avail. Dee keeps adjusting her bottom so her knees are spread and her buttocks separated and tight.

Brandi’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes): Staff actress Brandi in school uniform looks, well, you’d want to check her personnel file in the office. In her messy room, Dee will spank her, in the kneeling position, on her white panties, with a small, hard oak paddle, which looks like it will sting like hell, which a gasping, desperate Brandi proves. Panties down, there are those angry round cirlce paddle bruises.

Caroline‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes): Another cute blonde; “Get your clothes off, all of them” Sweat pants, top, bra, no panties. Her bottom is already red. Caroline kneels on a chair–the camera captures facials from below. Dee gives her a full-swing tawsing, then the wood paddle, very much harder. Hard breathing, tears, and the round red bruises.

Claire’ (12 minutes): A young brunette sits on a stool and has the spanking procedure explained to her. Claire wants to experience a spanking but she is “very scared of the school wooden paddle,” remembering being paddled in 5th grade.

Michael Masterson himself gets this assignment. The girl wears jeans and a red top. She is instructed to bend over a bench, rests on her elbows and locks her knees. The first six paddle strokes are on her jeans-the thin wood shatters at 4, but Masterson has a spare. Real tears. She drops her jeans and panties to show her red bottom and the paddle bruises, quite without embarrassment, because at this point nothing is worse than the spanking.

Donna‘ (7 minutes): Dee positions a pretty brunette kneeling and bent over back-to-back straight chairs, the Winchester position.  Top rucked up, no bra. “Lower those down,” (her pants). Buttocks already pink. Floppy paddle, boobs hang, sniffles turn to tears. At the conclusion she sits uncomfortably and wipes tears.

Jessica‘ (3 minutes): The RSI regular; she kneels erect on a chair, dress up, no panties, red bottom. “up. I  have no sympathy for you.”

OTK, lexan paddle must sting like hell, because Jessica is quickly crying, and she has plenty of time with her bottom in the air in this studio.

Kathy‘ (8 minutes): A very thin brunette seems to have been sent to the gym teacher, a coach-like male in T-shirt w/whistle. She wears little shorts and a sleeveless top. Bend-over in his office, her buttocks already peek out. Shorts and panties down, red bottom, tears, very nice.

Kailee‘ (15 minutes): RSI regulars Kailee, Jasmine, and Claire will do the scene today. A new shipment of implements from London Tannners has arrived. The girls look at the collection.

“Who wants to go first?” Jasmine bends over a stool for a two-tongued razor strop over her jeans. Kailee gets a heavy tawse. Claire, who has been enjoying the other girls’ pain, gets a short strap on her skirt.

Matters  always escalates at RSI. Jasmine,pants down, just a G-string, for the strap. Kailee, quite bruised and complaining, gets a doble dose. Tears and  hard finish for Kailee. “Tell me when to stop.” She has a small meltdown and they take a 10 minute break.

Lori’ (10 minutes): Masterson has a heavyset girl for her “Friday punishment.” Panties down, over a chair, the paddle. She absolutely bawls.

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