The Real Spanking Court -Angela – ALPINESIERRA

8 Jul

M/f; year: 2010; 20 minutes

Nothing like being sentenced to a spanking injcourt. Mock drama in a mock courtroom. A  robed judge sits high on his bench, looking down on ‘Angela,’ who will be arguing her case and trying to save a layer of her skin from behind a lectern. The set touch which most impressed us was a California state flag on a pedestal.

There is a silly debate–Angela took money to take tests for people. The judge, who reminds us of used car salesmen on live Los Angelos late-night TV 40 years ago, adjudicates without deliberation.  “200 strokes of the strap, level one.” “But…but…” exclaims Angela, who could not make her closing argument.  The judge adds 25 strokes of the cane

tTe best part of the film–a ski-masked guard takes Angela out of her cell and leads her to the “sentencing room.” They meant “punishment room.”  but we are chuckling too much to laugh any more. Angela shuffles along, wearing manacles and the prototype orange smock.

The guard fastens her down on a padded hump-back bench, but not before she actually mutters aomething like, “What is this thing?” Straps at her ankles, knees, and shoulders and wrists. Her bottom is elevated at a height above the guard’s waist. He rucks up the two-piece smock and pulls down her blue panties.

He makes her watch him carefully oil a strap, then he lays on 200 strokes, which she counts aloud. After the requisite WOOSHES, he adds 25 strokes of a cane, counted out.

Angela’ssession concludes with a mug-shot style view of her bottom. These guys have been watching Raven Hill but they don’t have the same comedywriter.

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