Amelia Jane Rutherford – DIVA DISCIPLINE FirmHand

10 Jul

FirmHand; 2008; 10 segments and some additional scenes.

‘AA’  The irrepressible curly-blond Ms. Rutherford plays an actress who can’t keep her fanny out of trouble on the set of a film she is making. The scene here is the living room in a modern house. The male actor is ‘Angus,’ as ‘Mr. Cameron,’ with the Scottish Sean Connery brogue, and a natural affinity for the lochgelly tawse. Although no wardrobe credits are given by FirmHand, you should note the stylish dress of Ms. Rutherford from scene to scene.

Amelia bounces into the room in a short white dress and knitted cap. After a brief argument about her behavior: “Stand up, bend over the table.” Cameron flips up her dress to expose exquisite transparent patterned white panties. Amelia squawks loudly, but with just the style to entice you to spank all the harder. Knickers down,such a ruckus. There’s that tumescent hard dancer’s bottom, topping long legs.

A dramatic bend-over, more hard spanking. Amelia soon sputters apologies. “This will not be the last time I see you in this position.” She stomps off angry and defiant.

‘AB’ Amelia gambols into the sitting room, in a snit because she can’t learn her lines. In a jeans-jumper, looking almost illegal, she is angry with the screenwriter. When Cameron takes her OTK  and flips up her little skirt to expose another pair of Emmy-winning white cotton panties, she hollers that it is the writer who should be spanked, not her.

After a rousing spanking on the most perfectly fitted knickers, she screams: “He’s a fucking great writer.” But the pants come down anyway; her bottom sits on his lap like a wedding cake. An overhead shot down on the target defies description. “I think I am having a breakdown,” she gasps. Oblique facials allow her bottom to be seen as the spanking progresses.

A siren outside rings on the soundtrack as  she pulls up her tight panties in closeup. Rewind and freeze.

‘AC’ Diva Amelia saunters down spiral stairs on a set FirmHand uses, in a yellow sun dress, just the entrance best suited for her long legs. She is hung over and has missed rehearsal. Cameron shows her a strap. “You’re not going to hit me with that, are you?” And she probably thought tomato juice would cure her hangover! She kneels on a hassock and bends forward to place her elbows on the couch. elevating those world-class buttocks. Skirt up–the best little pink panties we have ever seen.

The strap makes her jump; knickers down, wonderful. sexy spaghetti strap high heels hang on for dear life as she kicks in distress.

‘AD’ Cameron sends for Amelia in his photo-studio set; she shows up in a short silk  robe; he’s heard she is arguing with the makeup department and she has been furious with their treatment of her. Cameron: “One day I am going to make an impression on you.” Despite her saucy arrogance, she is helpless. He makes her lie on her back on pillows and elevate those long dancer’s legs. Amelia’s blog reports she is 6 1″, illustrated here. “Legs in the air.” “Ooh,”  she murmurs, knowing the view she is presenting in this, the ‘diaper’ position.

Cameron begins on her black pantied bottom and thighs with a very large tawse. She squawks colorfully;  a wall mirror reflects the scene. Her panties survive in this short 8 minute segment. she is sent to apologize to the makeup department.

‘AE’ Amelia appears in an exercise room with wall mirrors; she towers over Cameron, maybe 6 inches. She wears black shorts and a blouse. Apparently ‘wardrobe’  says she is putting on weight. We’d require a closer look ourselves–she is tall and glamorously thin. Cameron figures a little punishment will be premptive. “Get the paddle.” “You can’t mean it. It’s a cricket bat.” Not quite, but close. “Bend over.”

In front of the wall of mirrors, hands-on-knees, legs spread, she is paddled on her shorts. Full facials from the wall mirror, her bottom facing us. Again, her pants survive. This time, off to the dietian to get a plan. We oursleves would arrange a naked weigh-in, with penalties paid on the spot.

Several additional episodes are found in the Rutherford catalogue on this ‘Diva’ theme:

“Bare Bottom Paddling” Producer Cameron accuses Mimi of offering sexual favors to a cameraman to ensure the best angles. After a little lecture about how such consorting is  not permitted, he shows her the paddle.

“Bend over the chair.” Her breezy white dress is flipped up, a cute pair of blue-striped panties. Cameron lays on 10 crisp strokes. He knows how to paddle and Ms. Rutherford knows how to be miserable about it. Low shots up long legs and obliques. Closeups as she rubs.

“Upended Caning”: producer Cameron confronts Mimi Golden again, one last time for a terrible interview she has given. In this film, Ms. Rutherford’s hair seems a tad darker and is tightly in a bun. She wears a slinky black evening gown and has a public appearance to attend.

She is in no mood to be scolded, but by now Cameron has acquired access to the body and soul of Mimi. “Can’t we just put (this argument) to bed for now?” No, Cameron gets his cane. Mimi sulks and complains: “I can’t go to the movie premiere with cane marks.”

Cameron has her lie on her back on the couch and assume the diaper position, her incredible long legs straight up in the air, her black panties will stay on. Cameron snaps 18 strokes on what buttock is displayed and mostly on her thighs. This is a sort of farewell caning. Beautiful facials. “My hair’s coming down,” she complains as she struggles. Great overhead shot of this caning. Tears and apologies.

“Bare Bottom Whipping”: Cameron catches Mimi posing herself in bra, panties, garters and stockings, in his photo studio. Why this should disturb him beats us–we would encourage it and proceed to the next level.

He scolds and she grabs for her kimono but has to hand it back over quickly, agreeing to take a whipping rather than be fired. She kneels on a hassock in just her little undies. Just her presence on the screen in these postures funds our purchase. She makes a desperate and far-fetched claim about using the studio furniture to be whipped. “It seems a misuse of company property.” One could argue that her bottom is the most valuable company property. Cameron lays on 50 strokes with a flogger, having bunched her knickers to access the famous buttocks. A  wall mirror provides full facials.

“Bare Bottom Caning”: Mimi is called off the set of a scene underway by director-producer Cameron. She has been sassing another one of his actresses, Veronica. As usual, she is decked out in faux-cute garb, a crisp white blouse, short skirt, and a Gilbert and Sullivan soldier’s cap perched on her shorter bond curls.

Cameron will not hesitate this time and gets his cane. “After the paddle, do you think I am scared of that?” However, Mimi no longer questions who is boss on this film set. She kneels on the sofa, palms all the way to the floor, so that her bottom is highest.

Cameron flips up her skirt and pulls down the fashionable and minimal white knickers. Mimi falls slient and stops complaining at the first stroke of the cane. She counts out 12 strokes, losing her cap along the way, and is left with her bottom in the wind to rub and compose herself before returning to work and to apologize to Veronica.

‘Nude Flogging’ Another expansion of the ‘Diva Discipline’ series, producer ‘Cameron’ has summoned actress ‘Mimi’ yet again  for another transgression, and she makes one of her grand entrances down the FirmHand studio spiral staircase, wearing a skmpy slit dress with spaghetti straps and carrying a flogger, which she was told to bring, “I don’t know why.”

Mimi has been agitating the staff (again!). She wants a change in her contract–doesn’t want to be naked all the time! Cameron is fed up (again!). “I’m going to give you this one you….take off all yur clothes.” Mimi objects/refuses, but quickly relents when Cameron tells her she can pack and walk off the set. Off with her dress in a second, no bra. “I’m not taking off my g-string.” Yes, she is.

Totally naked, screen-center for a moment, always a highlight in Rutherford films. Brief frontal teases. “Mr. Cameron, is this a pretend-whip?” That would be a ‘no.’ Hands-on-couch, she takes 40 slashes with the multi-tongued flogger, loud, colorful, gasping, begging.

Great camera shots from obliques and from below, up the long legs to the pink summit. At the conclusion, she gathers her clothes (you could fit them into a small purse), covers her front and wiggles her pink bare bottom back up the spiral stairs, the camera following closely.

‘Board on Jeans’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Director Cameron awakes diva Amelia, who is sleeping on her stomach. “I can’t lie on my back. My bottom hurts from your whipping me.”

He has got another implement with him this time. “What’s that…it looks like a cricket bat.” “Bend over, touch your toes.” He paddles her on her jeans with a large paddle which could in fact be used on a cricket field. 10 resounding smacks–she collapses after each one. Some strokes are repeated from the “reaction CAM,”  trained on her pretty face. To conclude, Ms. Rutherford kneels on the couch and pulls down her jeans for us to see the results.

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