Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Review – SHADOWLANE

10 Jul

year: 2011; time:  52 minutes

Spanking stories from CP specialist Eve Howard, who learned her craft under the palm of Nu West founder Ed Lee and went on to found this ShadowLane, whose films could serve as an hors d’oeuvre for your partner of an evening.

“The Fitting Room Exhbitionist”: Someone at SL  had a fascination with department stores. Eve Howard (“Bartlett”) owns ‘Bartlett’s Department Store.” Perky young employee ‘Sybil Hawthorne,’ a productive salesgirl, has been caught giving blowjobs in the men’s fitting room. We shop at lunchtime and have detected no such opportunity.

Also, Sybil has been caught masturbating with a vibrator, to the entertainment of the men gfthered in front of the security cameras. She can orgasm in three minutes. Eve will discipine her  “department store style,” which is “a spanking and a bit more.”

OTK, skirt up, beige panties, long brunette hair out of the way for the camera, panties down. “Get up and take this dress off, let me see you.” Sybil is almost naked, dress off, panties at her thighs, bra still on. In these department store movies, we always look carefully at the underwear. Eve takes her panties down, enjoying the process, although she tells Sybil, ” You’re an exhibitionist. I’m sure you’re good at this. ”

A bit more spanking, moderately hard and ceremonial. “You’re going home tonight to your boyfriend with a red bottom.” Eve is fascinated with it and spreads Sybil’s legs. Sniffles.

“Take that bra off…bend over the table.” Great boobs. Eve gets her paddle and tawse from a case. Sybil is probably not the first little salesgirl to drop drawers in this room. The paddle and the tawse are whole new sensations for Sybil.

Eve likes Sybil’s attitude. She is not fired. More handspanking, fondling, a gentle one-finger frigging. “Stay out of the fitting room,” and ominously, “I’ll see you later,”  as she watches Sybil, with an undisguised lust, put on her bra and panties.



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