Grimthorpe Reformatory-#41297 Brown, Emma – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

10 Jul

YEAR: 2010; time: 19 minutes

Prolific Emma Brown! a recent performance from this entertaining actress, although we think earlier  than the year 2010. Ms. Brown is admitted to a reformatory for a one-week sentence for lewd public behavior; she will have no record, vs. public humiliation and the police. But there will be a private penalty.

At her intake, the rules are explained. (1) obey the staff; (2) wear a uniform;(3) tidy your space; and–she is fine with these three, but (4) make your private parts available for inpection. She jumps a foot –no way!

To get her started, she will take a spanking now. He grabs her OTK, skirt up, lacy black spangled knickers. “Panties down.” “What?” There is Ms. Brown’s tattoo, frequently a subject of conversation, much of it here. It seems she flashed her bottom enough that it helped identify her. Can you picture that lineup? “Turn around, ladies, now pants down…no#2, bend over.”

Emma rubs her bottom full-screen then is given her new uniform. “Change into your evening wear before you report here tonight for your induction punishment.” We are beginning to think this is a private insitution. In a bad edit, she undresses in front of him and puts on her smock, maryjane’s, and socks.

“Rule #4!” says the supervisor, and Emma backs off, earning another spanking but escaping worse.

In the next scene, she reports to what looks like private quarters, wearing a slinky long white nightgown thing, “official nigth attire.” She does not miss the displayin front of her–a stack of pillows and a cane on the long table. She will receive “severe punishment” on the first and last evening of her sentence. “Raise your petticoat…rule #4!” “No!”

The supervisor takes her OTK, opens her bloomers, and gets her pink for starters. “Stand…take off your petticoat…lie across the table on those cushions so your bottom is highest.”

She climbs up–this is really a kneeling position, there are so many pillows. About 10 cane strokes, she drops her bloomers and takes 18 more. A lot of whimpering and bare feet if you are interested. Rule #4 might have been better.

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