Private Sessions -New Term – MOONGLOW

10 Jul

MF/2f; time: 52 minutes

Schoolgirls and ageplay spankers; conventional CP  drama from an era when Moonglow’s production was repetitive and unimaginative. The only spice here is the appearance of adult actor Jack Uppitt in the male disciplinarian’s role, whose presence occasionally leads to surprising scenes, but not always.

Mr. Watson (Jack) and Headmistress Miss Foster, dressed in cap-and-gown, discuss two girls–Curtis and Clark, who have earned punishment again, but they agree they need to “beat them very hard this time.”

Clark, an Asian girl with long dark curly hair, is called in first. She is lectured and hears the word “severe” repeated over and over to torment her. Watson takes her OTK, gray pleated uniform skirt up, “legs apart,” he ALWAYS says, handspanking on knickers. Pants down, skirt off, Foster takes his place and keeps spanking. (This Clark section is a separate video, “Stupid Girl,”)

Clark next bends over the table, “legs apart,” again, both take turns with a heavy leather paddle and a thick tawse. The film director has trouble with the girl’s hair, which covers her face. It is loose, then fastened, then loose. But don’t track it–watch her bottom. Clark is made to strip naked and is taken OTK again. Lots of talk,talk, talk. More time over a table for the strap.

Watson and Foster decide it is time for the cane and Clark is sent naked across the set to fetch it. She takes about 20 slow moderate strokes, with repeats. Actor Jack Uppitt is at his corniest. Watson holds Clark in place. She is sent to bed without supper, an easy solution compared to what Jack would do if the headmistress weren’t on the scene.

The next scene is in a faux classroom Moonglow has used–it is Curtis’ turn to face the music, and she is alone with Watson. She is a solid-looking blonde with a boyish hairstyle. She gets her time-consuming bawling out before Watson takes her OTK, reserving the raising of her skirt and the pulling down of her pants to himself. He has her stand, raise her blouse, and twirl slowly, half-naked, so he can admire her schoolgirl charms as we do. Blouse and tie off–naked, very nice hard athletic build. Actor Uppitt milks these moments.

Over the school desk for some “slipper,” looks like a flip-flop to us, not the traditional boat shoe some studios go to the detail of providing. Mr. Watson has found pictures in her locker of her naked, the blackmail leverage he needs.

Naked, she is strapped, bent all the way over the desk. He arranges for her to come to his quarters tomorrow night–she surely knows what that means. Talk, talk. Hands-on-head, slow camera pan on frontal, very nice.

Over the desk again for the cane, about 20 strokes, slowly. Watson likes to woosh between strokes, and Curtis winces obligingly. Legs aide open, she holds on low to the desk legs, sniffles, an attractive CP pose. Watson claims to split the cane on stroke #9 and walks off-set to get another.

We have pointed out in other reviews that there are performances where we see Uppitt actually “take his pleasure” after hours, the full deal.

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