Rachael Ward- Marriage Counselor – NUWEST FD-354

10 Jul

2F/m; 23 minutes

The full monty from NuWest; Femdom, sex, masturbation, and plenty of spanking. Actress ‘Katie’ plays a marriage counselor of a different sort, ‘Rachael Ward.’ NW actress ‘Sandra’ phones her. Sandra has caught her husband masturbating in the closet. Rachael recommends spanking and caning. “Bring him over.”

In the next scene, the husband, and this surely is Ed Lee himself, is across Rachael’s lap,  being spanked bare-butt by the very hairbrush he has extolled in some of his “documentary” work. Sandra observes: “If I had known it was this easy, I would have done it a long time ago.” Katie, as Rachael, has a smile on her face, probably because she is reminded of the many times it is her bottom in the lights.

Sandra takes over and actually spanks a little harder. “You’re a natural,’ Rachael observes. “This is exhiliarating,” Sandra crows. “Stop squirming,” to Lee. “I’ll bet he was thinking about Pamela Anderson or something,” suggests Rachael, and Sandra increases the heat. Rachael: “Now I’ll show you how we discipline him to OUR benefit.”

Fade to an exciting scene by NuWest standards. Sandra is naked, on her back on the bed. Ed kneels on the floor, vigorously giving her oral sex, while  Rachael stands behind him, delightfully naked herself, on full and complete display, snapping off selective cane strokes on his buttocks, as if she were doing finishing trim on icing a cake. It certainly keeps Mr. Lee’s attentions focussed on the muff at hand. Rachael masturbates as she canes. Most of the camera’s attention is on her prancing nudity, as it should be–lovely face, tawny mohawk, natural boobs, 80’s bikini tan lines.

As Sandra cums, she urges Rachael to cane harder. Then, “That was fun. I want to try.” The girls reverse roles in a scene fade. Sandra: “I hope that tongue’s not too tired out.” She is very sexy, caning vigorously in just her white garter belt and stockings. Rachael portrays a long orgasm in facial closeup–actress Katie always wonderful in these settings.

The entertainment continues. In another fade to allow the actors to reconfigure, Rachael is being fucked doggie style on the bed while Sandra keeps at his buttocks with the cane.

Another fade to move the characters around; now Lee is on HIS back, Sandra squats on his face for some attention, and Rachael knees between his legs, jaybird, sucking and jacking him off slowly, with tender loving care for the prize she holds, applying baby oil. This scene is excruciatingly erotic, and Lee probably shows his age here, but Ms. Katie stays on it, gentle and hard, and gets her man and it looks like Lee cums. Wonderful stuff for all 23 minutes.


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