Discipline in Russia #5 -Sports School in Moscow – NETTLES

10 Jul

M/5f; time: 35 minutes

Five stunning Russian girls;  subtitles not needed; The girls are in the familiar mirrored exercise room, awaiting “coach.” They argue as to which of them has failed the most in their performance, because they know there is some old-fashioned Russian discipline coming.

Coach ‘Sergey’ enters, a young and lithe ‘Gerry Geroshvilli,’ the familiar dominant male actor in this series, possessing a demonic and mean imagination. Most of this film is a nudie show–the girls are so individually appealing it will be difficult to select whom to watch. First, all five girls strip off their school uniforms and put on simple black tops and shorts, exercise gear. The girls space the stripping down so the camera can focus on one then another.


Sergey will exercise all five girls in his little barnyard of pulchritude. But first, two of the girls, brunette ‘Tanya’ and the other brunette, have to strip completely naked, a second time. The three other girls find some humor in this, not understanding the basic tennant–never laugh at someone else’s predicament in a CP film. Three clothed and two stark naked, they march, then jog in a sloppy circle. Then the goose-walk. The studio floor is dirty! Jump in place–Tanya giggles delightfully.

Sergey orders two more girls to strip–this is some of the best young Russian scenery we can recall. No  retreads. The camera pans. The firfh girl, blond ‘Irina,’ is last to lose her clothes.

More exercises, all-nude jumping jacks, facing us, and then—bottoms-on-parade. Definitely one of the top five naked PT exercises. Squats, viewed front and back. Hands-on-head, deep knee bends, knees wide. The girls lock elbows and do back bends, switching so we see everything.

And now it comes time for some spanking. Long-haired ‘Lena’  is the designee–why she earned this wasn’t translated, but it is clear she isn’t happy about it. She lies  full-length on the usual Russian spanking bench;  other naked girls  secure her wrists and ankles. Sergey directs the girls to do the whipping and assists them in folding jump-ropes into quarters for a martinet. Brunette, short-boyhair ingenue, is the eyeful here.

The girls alternate lashing Lena’s centered bare bottom, but despite a cosmetic assist to her marks, it is clear they haven’t made an impression. Sergey takes over, intensifies the whipping tenfold; the instant tears seem justified to us. Sexy lovely miserable face. This film ends with only Lena getting the bench.

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