Attitude Adjustment Joanne Jameson – NUWEST FD-270

11 Jul

F/2m; time:  27 minutes

Actress Joanne Jameson, not as sweet as she looks, will whale on two men in ths F/m format. In the corner, in the blue NW studio, stands a completely naked ‘Tommy’ and bent over a chair in front of her is ‘Leon,’ actually Ed Lee himself. She wears a sort of schoolmarm blue suit with cravat.

She will alternate, spanking the bejesus out of both of them. OUR attitude was adjusted, just watching this. Leon is first and gets a very hard strapping with a thick tawse, his blue shorts puddled on the floor. Joanne always spanks with full swings and a follow-through, no pulling of punches.

Tommy is called out from the corner and flashes a full frontal of his jewels. OTK he goes (all his spankings will be such); very hard handspanking, pauses to scold and stroke. Leon again, full swings with a thick strap. Joanne is puzzled, as we are, why Leon shows no reaction to this very powerful spanking. “I’ll have to hit harder.” And then the gasps start.

The blond puts his onions on camera again for a razor strop, some repeats from various camera angles. Leon, the strap over the chair. The blond–more. Back and forth in colorful illustration of hard punisihment.

We get to the cane for Leon. He now wears female panties and takes 30 wicked strokes on them, maybe with some blood spotting through, and that right buttock, the weak point, as in most spankings.

The blond young man never gets the cane. We were hoping again that Joanne would reach under and give the boys a squeeze to see if she was making any progress, but that does not happen in these F/m films.

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