Gym Lesson – OOHTEEKAY

11 Jul

2F/4f; time: 37 minutes

Schoolgirls and discipline; four schoolgirls get more attention than they want in a ‘Uniform Series’ episode featuring the redoubtable Miss Gillian Lancer. Attended by a matron, four girls stand in front of a vaulting horse in the classroom we have seen many times.

Matron begins with these “disgusting girls,” six with the strap on each pair of knickers. Gillian Lancer joins the scene and directs the girls to remove their school jumpers. They strip down to blouses, knickers, and knee socks, then jog in a circle around the vaulting horse, kind of silly and time-wasting, but we do not expect  the skin-peeling CP seen in more recent Easter European work.

Some PT exercises–touch toes, jogging, posture practice, hands-on-head. Each girl then lies over the horse for six cane snaps on the knickers. Then the girls line up and take turns vaulting the horse–some impressively athletic and others fail (quickly edited out).

The canings begin in ernest and what frivolous gaming we’ve been watching disappears. Asian brunette ‘Evelyn,’ over the back of a straight chair, gets six on her knickers and six on the bare. Gillian Lancer always seems to cane harder in her films than she spanks. ‘Suki,’ another Asian student, gets the same, and gives us tears. Brunette ‘Margaret’ is pulled out of line–Suki’s caning is paused for a handspanking, then it’s back to Suki’s bare bottom.

Little blonde ‘Donna’ is next; sniffles immediately. “Stop whinging, girl!” And lastly, Margaret counts out her twelve.

There is always a lot of talking and circling around at OohTeeKay. The girls are left hands-on-head but soon caught talking. “You’re disgusting, still chatting!” A new round of caning begins as the film ends.

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