Term Ends (Rattan College #3) – MOONGLOW

11 Jul

M/f; segments; time: 25 minutes

Professor motivates his girls with spankings; another early film, where the plot permits segments, Another professor who like to spank his students as a precautionary device. The first 8-minute part features Liverpudlian actress  ‘Alison’; probably we shouldn’t refer to her with the  ‘Alison Payne’ name we have used. Maybe it is ‘Liza Wigan, ‘ or ‘Alison Brett.’ It matters not. She presents the most incredible bottom to the camera.

She wears a tie, blouse, plaited skirt, and knee socks. Long chestnut hair early in her career. She is being held over at school for another term. Her parents have signed the CP waiver. “It’s not fair, sir.” Alison always puts up a sensuous dispute before bending over. The professor takes her OTK, blue knickers down immediately. He pinions her wrists for a short handspanking, then it’s off to the “punishment room.”

This is the faux-brick schoolroom MOONGLOW used many times. “Bend over the desk.” We hear directorial prompts on the soundtrack. Skirt up, panties down–how to describe this marvel. The cane. “How many, sir?” About 12 strokes are shown and counted aloud, some seen on the bottom, some facials. Repeats shown using primitive mirror images. A  few of the strokes seemed very high, and we see those wheals develop, because the caner did not attack her buttocks quite correctly at 90 degrees. But this actress has a high pain threshold.

Brunette actress ‘Karen’ plays ‘Victoria’  in the next 8 minute segment. She is brought to the professor by a plausibly older school staffer, ‘Miss Smith,’ who we CP devotees know should watch out for her own fanny in these circumstances. Victoria gets a bottom warmup on the bare, then to the punishment room.

Over the desk,about 10 cane strokes on the bare and the mirror-image repeats.

‘Susan’  is next to be brought in by Miss Smith, who tries to defend her against a charge of cheating. To the punishment room, “bend over the desk.” Skirt up, full white rayon panties. This time the professor uses a leather sole, and Susan quickly spits out a confession. He finishes her off with a half-dozen with the cane.

And now there’s Miss Smith. There seems to be some implicit understanding that the professor has been enjoying her delivery of these young girls. “I think 5 minutes over the desk will do you a world of good,” he says. Her protests are pro forma. She’s a player in all this.

Six cane strokes on her skirt; she has to take it off–all the more subordinating when you have to take off clothes and hand them over. Full panties, garter belt, stockings. He takes her knickers down and concludes her with six of the best.

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