As Tears Go By (2) – SHADOWLANE

18 Jul

year: 2008; M/f; time: 50 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford again; one of three films by her we have found at SHADOWLANE, a continuation of the first  by this name, where she plays ‘Miss St. Clair,’  a rather adventurous music teacher. SL’s perennial ‘Keith Jones’ plays Mr. Clifford, a student’s father. And 2008 was a busy year for MS. Rutherford–we wonder how she has protected her assets between gigs.

Clifford drops in on St. Clair (she towers over him, being 6’1″). “You and I have a problem.” St. Clair has been spanking his daughter. Ms. Rutherford, at this point, is mildly amused by the ponderous dialogue. “I  did some research on you…my daughter is not the only one you spanked.” Clifford now explains how HE  will spank her, a plot development you spotted in the parking lot before you entered the theatre.

St. Clair alludes she is into spanking and in fact the headmaster spanks HER. Clifford takes her OTK without a fuss and rucks up her Navy blue skirt. He comments on the bruises he sees. (Remember, Ms. Rutherford has made several films here with the cast, and the bruises suggest recent work.). “Hmm…beautiful panties,”  he observes of the gauzy white skimpies. “uuh…thank you,” she stutters, not sure about a student’s father admiring her panties.

There is a large clock on the wall of this set, in the music room with the piano. We have been amused  before about the visible passage of time as a film progresses. When a reddening bottom is part of the plot, interruptions and delays must be managed.

An entertaining handspanking, not the least because Ms. Rutherford is an engaging actress. Since she is a music teacher, Clifford wants her to sing as she is spanked. He sends her to get her tawse. Back OTK. “Were my daughter’s panties down, about here? here? here?” St. Clair (breathlessly): “…yes…” “Was her bottom bare, like this?” Both parties are now fully engaged.

St. Clair admits the girl got “ten” with the tawse, and that she had no permission. Clifford strokes her bare bottom as they discuss her CP proclivities. She has a problem, he thinks, having taken this teaching job “as an opportunity to use CP.”  And of course letting the headmaster at her bottom ensures her privilege.

“I’ve heard they use a cane in England.”  “Not me, it’s  too harsh,”  she answers, rather hopefully. He spots her teacher’s pointing stick, which will do just fine. “I’m going to use this cane on you.” We never tire of Ms. Rutherford’s shocked visage. “Miss St. Clair, present your bottom; you’re English. Doesn’t it come naturally?”

It certainly does–she drapes her glamorous self over a divan arm, hands-on-floor, a little squeal when he raises her skirt and lowers her panties. She explains the English tradition-“increments of six.” (Sophisticated dialogue for an adult film). She’s got her hairband refastened so it holds her hair off her face. She flinches at wooshes. A dozen strokes of the cane in this position. Clifford creates a professional ladder of wheals. Lots of teasing CP banter.

St. Clair promises never to spank his daughter again, they shake hands as she stands there with no pants on. He leaves, she checks her tush in closeup, then kneels at the piano, rather than sits,  to  practice.

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