Lady Jayne Caned – NUWEST

18 Jul

F/f; time:  22 minutes

A FemDom bare bottom caning; actress Jodie Cline and another reddish brunette have a NuWest blonde standing absolutely naked in front of them. As always with NuWest/Leda, we get right to it. Jodie wears Victorian domina attire–bloomers, laced corset, spiked heels/boots, and flourishes a cane.

“Position her,” she directs to her associate, who wears a full-length mourning dress. The blonde is dresed in the traditional way. After a brief caning, filmed so we can catch the girl’s face, she is ordered to  kneel down and massage Jodie’s clothed buttocks. Jodie drops her botice for the blonde to massage her estimable breasts.

Horsed again, more caning; kneel again, more massaging. “Chrissy….horse her again, you’re halfway through.” Real caning lines are developing. More breast massaging, attention to the nipples.

More horsing. Chrissy is actually struggling with the load–the blonde is about her size.

At the conclusion, the blonde kneels on a couch, bottom  up, for some lotion, in front of Jodie. “Do you think you will be back here for another caning?”  “No,madam.”

One Response to “Lady Jayne Caned – NUWEST”

  1. Tonyo27 January 3, 2019 at 6:08 pm #

    Who is the girl being caned?

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