Birchington Manor 2-Unexpected Guests – STRICTLYENGLISH

19 Jul

2MF/6f; time: 60 minutes

More spanking adventures at Birchington Manor, where young ladies must bend over on the slightest provocation. Horse stables make a good British setting–lordly masters, tight riding pants, crops and whips aplenty, lots of stuff made out of leather, and girls with affinity for discipline. Plot continuity does not matter much. Enjoy the pulchritude from Strictly English’s stable. Arthur, the smarmy stablemaster, spots two pretty girls trespassing on the farm and chases them off.

New employee Mary Joe (actress Sam Johnson) reports in late to manor lord Mr. Edwards, and she hears it immediately. “This is how it works here…you take your jeans down…I spank your bottom.” “Just like that?” Mary Joe gets the message. Edwards takes her OTK, moderate spanking, jeans down, thong in place.

Arthur looks in on this scene and takes over–he picks up these delectable crumbs throughout the series, just helping out the boss, of course. He fondles her bottom, unties her thong, and leads her to the proverbial woodshed, for more of what usually happens in a woodshed. After some OTK, Arthur creams her bottom and has his fun with his captive. “Is this what goes on around here?” The answer would be a ‘yes,’ and pretty much every day.

In a new scene, actress Sam Johnson is spanked by a maid in a workshop, why this happening we can’t determine. Jeans down, Sam fills out her white knickers very nicely. Arthur is spying, his sperm count elevsated again.

Another scene–the two trespassing girls have returned and Arthur has caught then–this manor is one huge butterfly net. Edwards directs: “Tell them they can stay in the barn under the normal conditions of the house….[which are]…sing for your supper…a good spanking.” The girls, actresses Lesley Sey and Elizabeth Simpson, must drop their jeans and lean against the stable wall. Arthur spanks their panties–amusing for the girls until he pulls them down. A long, slow and sexy admiration of the female posterior. Closeups and a little cold cream.

Yet another locale–in the manor, two girls are having a little lesbian time in a bedroom, focus on bottoms–one is actress Suzi Martell. Arthur will discover them and peek in here too.

Lesley and Elizabeth are brought from the barn to the manor and shown their rooms–they are moving to their next phase on the farm. They overhear the lesbian play and sneak a look. Arthur catches them, takes their clothes, sends them to bathe. they sneak about in towels not big enough to cover them–this is all nudie girly stuff not generally relevant to crackling CP but typical of this type of Strictly English costume drama. More scenes of the two lesbian girls as they shift to spanking and birching.

More voyeur scenes too confusing to catalogue. Mr. Edwards breaks in at this point, setting up Birchington Manor #3, two pairs of girls in behavior which could be actionable.

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