Nasty Habits – BIZARRE

19 Jul

F/2f; time: 18 minutes

Spanking nuns’  bare bottoms attracts special followers. This film is probably an old ‘Kane’ product from the early 1990’s, certainly having the playful and sardonic tone of a George Harrison Marks conception, and also containing his predilection for corporal punishment of a matronly actress.

Two British nuns in full habit stroll along and find a “Tea Room,” where they stop and order. One nun pulls a full-size bottle of Beefeater gin from under her robes, to add to their tea, and they light up a cigarette! A priest has been tailing them and photographs this escapade. The nuns’ waiter is a scruffy guy, having a bad hair day, who might be Harrison Marks himself or one of his band of merry spanking geezers.

The priest reports the nuns to Mother Superior, a mature Reubenesque cartoon figure familiar to GHM fans. Despite some terrible acting, the Mother Superior extracts quick confessions from the nuns. “This deserves a penalty…you’re not going to get away with 50 Hail Mary’s.”

The nuns have a vaguely glamorous look about them–cosmetic makeup and bits of hair showing. Nun #1, the tallest, kneels on a chair, her robes are thrown up, exposing a naughty thong and not much else underneath. Mother pulls down the meaningless thong ands gives her a wild handspanking, the martinet, and a long, soft flogger. The girl has no hair, nada. There are several fades and restarts during this spanking, and a tawsing to conclude.

The second nun wears pink panties. “Where did these come from?” Mail order would be the answer. Same spanking procedure with more intimate views.

A “monsignor” interrupts these prceedings, one of the old Kane spanking regulars, wearing burgundy robes. He is going to spank this rotund “reverend mother.” Quickly she is down to her undies and just a white cornette headpiece, and soon she is naked and gets the martinet and cane, very much like this couple was used to this. After this little playful whipping, the monsignor suggests they spend the evening at Stringfellow’s


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