No Nonsense Brunettes – NUWEST FD-272

19 Jul

F/m; year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

Rousing spankings by brunette actresses of Ed Lee himself. The first series involves  a brunette and blond actress Jodi Cline. The brunette whales away on ‘Leon,’ OTK, with a hard paddle. “I could do this all day,” she crows. He gets a strap bent over a chair, then a really wicked caning on his shorts. The sessions in this film must have been spread over a period of time.

The next film session finds Leon in the hands of a tall brunette, who straps him in the classic position on a bed, lying full length with a pillow elevating his hips. She gets his shorts down. Then the hairbrush OTK, and another full-stroke , strap, and caning  over the chair.

The next session features another familiar Nu West actress, is it Anne Bowman? Leon gets the same hairbrush, strap, and cane sessions.

Still another brunette does the same routine with the hairbrush, strap, and cane, drawing some blood this time, suggesting these episodes may have been filmed in close time after all.

The last brunette identifies herself as “Bridgett O’Brien,”  a “disiplinarian.” She climbs the stairs in the townhouse setting NW used in these years, brandishing her strap, where “Leon,” who she calls by name, awaits in the helpless supine position on the bed. He gets the strap, hairbrush, and cane in the same position as used above, and just about as hard as it needs to be done.

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