19 Jul

‘ Dublin O’Brien Intake Days‘ (“Sent Down #3’) (12 minutes) One of the more entertaining actresses, with her feisty Irish accent and temper, and here a little more mature and filled out—her bottom still a jewel. She is brought to guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ in the office setting. She will be jailed with Leia Ann Woods to see if she can get some scoop on Leia’s husband’s illicit activities. But she needs to be spanked to legitimize the charade. Good thorough police work.

First, and OTK spanking on her bars-and-stripes print jeans. Kennedy helps her down with the jeans and her black panties. Ms. O’Brien is so tall both her hands and feet touch the floor as she forms a graceful bare-bottomed parabola. A  caning will complete the deal.

After she puts on the orange, shorty prison smock, Dublin drops her knickers again and takes 8 loud cane shots.

Sick Bay Strappings
‘ (F’/2f; 8 minutes): Further adventures of the girls we watched dropping their panties for the prison ‘Intake’ interviews. Actresses ‘Leia-Ann Woods’  and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ rummage around in a sick bay cell when they are interrupted by matron ‘Lucy McLean.’

The matron is going to strap both girls. Leia is put over the end of the bed, her orangne prison smock thrown up, black pants exposed. Very hard strapping, Dublin shivers at the wall.

Dublin gets the same in this short session.

Turn of the Screw‘ (F/f; 14 minutes): Some role reversal here; if you are here to watch panties come down and bare bottoms dealt with, don’t try to figure out the plots. ‘Paul Kennedy’  is the guard, Leia the prisoner, Dublin is seated behind the Intake desk, in official uniform. Dublin puts Leia over the desk, takes her pants down, for a very hard strapping, and then 8 snappy, wristy experienced cracks with a cane. Leia has a nice little shimmy to her hips between the strokes.

The Phantom Visitor‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): Blond prisoner ‘Amy Hunter’ struggles with guard Paul Kennedy over something, and ends up with a spanking and a paddling, of course without her knickers.

‘See It In Her Face’   Face-CAM repeats of some of the spankings.

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