Spanking For Caron – CALSTAR

19 Jul

M/ f; time:  26 minutes

American spanking by an actor who can get it done; a familiar character from CalStar’s ‘American series, who tends to scold as he spanks, confronts ‘Caron’  as she lolls before the fireplace, in pink dress and hair ribbons. Her ‘probation officer’ has called her school–she wasn’t there; she has a police record we guess, so none of these doings is new to her.

Her ‘father’  yells at her: “I haven’t spanked you in over a month.” OTK she goes, pants down immediately. (“Oh, Daddy.”) He spanks a promised 20, she wrestles-this is unsuccessful.

“It’s time for you to take a good whipping.” Bend-over, legs wide, palms flat on the floor. He takes Caron’s panties down again; this posture displays all her charms andis beyond the althletic skill of most actresses.  A lot of yelling, panties up then down, killing time on the tape. He gets her into the arched lunge position, but she is still restless.

Caron is sent to get the strap and the cane. In a shabbily furnished bedroom scene, she waits on a bed, hugging a teddy bear. Father enters–a lot of talking and walking around. Bend-over the end of the bed, dress up, for a stiff strap. Mild stuff.

“Take off your dress.” Caron is naked now, in just socks and maryjanes, the best moment so far. Onto the bed, bottom arched, then into the diaper position–she holds her legs  herself and gives us more time with her charms.

Nightgown on, father flourishes the cane for the next time. Caron kneels on the floor, upper body on the bed, for 10 with the strap. the father gets her bottom positioned just-so for the camera. They hug to conclude.

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