Spanking For Pleasure, Caned For Truancy – BLUSHES

20 Jul

2M/f; time: 18 minutes

Smarmy, overtly sexual  spanking tale; one of the most erotic  sexual spanking stories you will see, made in the golden age of BLUSHES and ROUE in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, featuring brunette actress Jenny Close and two of the classic ageplay characters, who have chased post-teen bottoms in a number of films, and who we always thought must be major investors to get these roles.

The “Headmaster,” an older British ‘gent’ with a gray-white hairstyle you’d expect to see in the circus, and his associate, another guy with roving hands in his films; student “Clark” has been caught at a bus stop, escaping from school. She is brought to the Head, who explains “corporal punishment” to her. She immediately protests, to no avail.

The Head to his assistant: “Take her shirt off.” The guy starts with the blouse buttons. “What do you think you are doing?” He gets her blouse and tie off. No bra. After giving us a moment, she covers up. “We’re going to make her ashamed….lie down, on your back!”

The openly deviant and sexual aspect of the discipline is palpable in this film. The young lady seems to have no choice, as don’t any of the girls undergoing ageplay torment in various states of nudity in the BLUSHES and ROUE films of this era. Whippings at school are preferable to facing parents.

“I hate this school.” “You’ll hate it even more in a moment.” The HM hands the cane to his associate and leaves. “The headmaster wants you caned, so caned you will be.” He makes her kneel on the floor, “head down, bottom up.” He flicks her pleated blue skirt over her head to expose blue knickers. She is helpless.

Teasing her with the tip of his cane, she must stand. He tweaks both nipples. “Bend over, touch the floor, you’re a dancer.” The first caning comes on her knickers–six strokes, the fifth is high and wild, causing Clark to jerk and reach back. She gasps on each and quietly counts aloud and requests the strokes. She stands and rubs. “I like caning pretty girls’ bottoms,” the guy states the obvious.

“Bend over, I’m going to bare your bum…if you tell your parents you’ll be in real trouble.” We’d have to think awhile what worse could happen to her. He lowers her knickers slowly, with practiced perversion. “Aah…nice marks.” Pats and fondles, and a winking puss without a hair. Six more cane strokes, very hard, full swings, more desperate gasps and some spliced editing of unhappy facials.

“We’ll take those knickers right off now, don’t you think…and the skirt.” She is stark naked and he can’t resist: “If only that Headmaster could  see me now, WOW!” She bends over for the next round, he smacks her bottom, demanding she speak up. Six more on the bare.

“I’m enjoying this very much…we’re coming up nicely…stand up for a minute.” Another opportunity for a full frontal. “Down you go…open your legs.”

Five more strokes, when the Headmaster bursts in. He is impressed with his associate’s progress, thrilled with the naked Clark, and quick to seize the cane.

“Lie down,” on the floor again, on her back, for the taking. We don’t see this sort of overt subjugation in most CP films. He has her roll over onto her stomach and lays four more strokes on her bottom. He grabs her hair and pulls her up to face into the camera–no hiding of her pain! One more slap on her bottom, then she is sent to class. “You’re going to be in terrible trouble if you run away again.” Quite a caning and humiliation, 24 strokes or more, and difficult to do repeats when you have to gasp out the count.

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