Errant Daughter – CALSTAR

23 Jul

year: 1982; Time: 26 minutes; M/f

Naughty, very early ageplay, vintage British; an older guy has his fun with a naked young blonde ‘Betty.’ A nifty little blonde tries to sneak into her house, having been gone two days. Her ‘father’  catches her, and she is wearing a breezy jumpsuit all too easy to get off.

He sends her to take a bath, which provides the leisurely nude scene common in this film era. Lots of suds, and the camera makes sure her bottom gets attention. Father orders her out. She is going to get “a series of spankings.”

Betty drops her towel and is taken OTK, quite naked, an erotic struggle. “Daddy….I’m an adult!” That we can happily see, all of it. Naughty naughty guy.

Back to the bathroom, Betty soothes her sore bottom with warm water and dresses in naughty lingerie for the next punishment phase–she is very much into this. Silk teddy, garter belt, stockings, barely adequate panties. “Touch your toes,” father demands when she appears, just to enjoy the sight. He has a tawse. “You’re going to get your comeuppance….as hard as I can bring it down.” Talk, tears, and an elegant accent from the actress.

But it hurts, she begins to cuss and struggle. “You’re supposed to be my father….ow, it fuckin’ hurts.” Not hard spanking, but non-stop electric eroticism throughout.


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