Judge For Yourself – HITORMISS

23 Jul


M/2f; time:  44 minutes

Vintage ageplay voyeuristic fantasy, an actutal plotline which holds together through scene changes. We are not yet familiar with this film distributor; the film has the style of the late 1970’s, early Roue, Blushes, or a George Harrison Marks experiment.

Typically British, the opening exterior shot shows bustling London; after actor Donald Dawson, as judge ‘Sir James,’ leaves his chambers, he strides along, in Freudian beard, with bowler and umbrella. The movie opening credits are chalked on the sidewalk. On a side street he ducks into a video store and makes a purchase.

At home, after ensuring he is alone, he pops in the tape, pours a Grand Manier;  of course he is watching a spanking video, depicting playful male/female and female/female CP scenes. The film cuts among his bemused face, the scenes on tape, and protrayals of him imagining he is spanking the girls in the story. He keeps his hands where we can see them.

Suddenly he is shocked; there on the screen is his wife, ‘Lady Diana,’  and his maid, ‘Samantha Palmer’ cavorting mostly naked in the spanking scenario. They have made a porn film! Soon, the women themselves arrive home from shopping. After a brief dinner scene, James confronts Diana, claiming he saw the film as part of a legal case.

James’  fantasies are about to merge with reality. Diana’s weak denials notwithstanding, he will spank her. “Pull up your dress.” He spanks her in various positions, works her transparent panties down, and soon has her kneeling up on the dinner table, quite exposed, kneading and groping her buttocks. “James, this is ridiculous.”  The actress here, ‘Zoe Jardine,’ also appeared in’ School Reports’ and was nominated on a viewer poll we saw as one of the best screamers in CP films of the era. We would agree, and she is quite realistic about it. Long legs, a solid bottom. She is sent to their bedroom to wait for him, after “I have a word with Miss Palmer.”

Miss Palmer (actress ‘Annette Poissin’) also denies, and her bottom is soon bare for the same dining room spanking. Palmer is sent away, where she joins Diana and they commiserate and cream each other’s red buttocks. Judge James bursts in–this is just getting better and better for him. He hands them both some naughty lingerie he just happens to have in the house, the right sizes also. “I will see you downstairs in the sitting toom.” The girls confer, will keep counsel on their secret, and take the consequences below.

James awaits them in his smoking jacket, swooshing a cane. The girls arrive, and James proceeds to spank and cane them together, bottoms soon quite bare, while their video performance plays on the TV. James announces that this punishment will  be repeated “every weekend from now on.” The girls gleefully whisper “It worked,”  as they remain bent over, bottoms up.

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