Jacque Meets Ed Lee – NUWEST NWV-300

24 Jul

year: 1999; M/f; time: 29 minutes

Bare bottom meets palm of hand; films with this title format purport to represent the first appearance of an actress with Ed Lee, and where he used the interview technique. We’ve reviewed a few and will add more. We always enjoyed Lee’s ironic juxtaposition of an informal chat in a leisure setting, followed by a bare bottom spanking intended to be memorable.

Lee introduces “another Ed Lee interview,” in the blue studio with the conversation setup. ‘Jacque’ (“Jackie,”  he said) will be getting her first spanking. She is young and cute here, her dynamic Barbie-figure not yet in play at NuWest. She wears a striped blouse and mustard pants, “heavy corduroy jeans,” Ed will call them.

Lee tells us Jacque is from New Mexico, wrote a letter to NuWest seeking some experience in the ‘scene.’ She has not had much luck encouraging boyfriends to spank her. A likely story, but she’s come to the right place.

He takes Jacque OTK, “to warm you up.” In spite of those corduroys, the “bubble-butt” we will grow to love is quite evident. Little gasps as he spanks harder. He remarks on her “nice round bottom.”

Back to the interview chairs; “Did that warm you up?” He discusses her childhood spankings. In many films, Lee had a voyeuristic interest in how his girls have been spanked, whether they had to take their pants down, etc.

Back to the spanking chair; Jacque lowers her jeans and Lee praises her “white lace panties.” as he smacks, “Notice the difference?” “Yes.” What is a girl supposed to say?

Back to the interview chairs for more banter, but most important: “Pretty soon, down to business, what everyone wants to see, no panties.”

To the spanking chair, Jacque drops her panties–she is a willing volunteer by now. A flash of a great little mohawk, and there’s that bottom–of a dancer, ice skater, Vegas showgirl. Lee spanks just hard enough and Jacque seems a bit rattled. “A bit shaky, eh?”

Back to the chairs, Lee pulls her panties down and invites the camera to zoom in on her rouged buttocks and he directs moves for obliques; he is just as matter-of-fact as if we were filming a tarpon on a fishing pier.


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