25 Jul

year: 2003-4; Time: 1 hr, 13 minutes

All about ‘Sarah’; all of her, in 10 episodes from the archives at RealSpankingsInstitute. Actress ‘Sarah,’ from the ‘Punishment Profiles’ series, where RSI persuades girls to come to the Institute voluntarily, for attitude adjustment or to experience the rush of CP.

‘Sarah’ (10 minutes): This delicious blonde claims to be eighteen years old and giggles nervously during her interview, we’d like to imagine because someone has shown her an RSI spanking film. She has never been spanked and thought it might be “fun to do,” she explains in her interview with ‘Dee.’ On direction, she stands and strips naked without embarrassment, always a highlight in these RSI films for us.

Dee starts off naked Sarah with a solid OTK handspanking, then hands-on-chair for a paddle. Then another erotic part of the ‘Profile’  format, the exit interview, done seated, naked, legs clamped together. She dresses on camera, keeping her bottom in our direction when possible. the spankings are repeated from several views.

‘Sarah’ (11 minutes): the blond volunteer one year later, long curly blond hair, no longer a novice. Naked, she is strapped over a table; pained facials, she jumps up, and a break in the strapping suggests she might have broken down. Dee directs her to “look right into the camera.” 

‘Sarah’ (6 minutes): Dee plays Sarah’s guardian. ‘Sarah, are you home?” Sarah has gotten a bad report card and is sent to fetch the strap. Dee always words it this way: “Why don’t you go ahead and get your clothes off?” Naked, kneeling on a chair, “Keep your head up.” 12 crackers with the wide floppy RSI strap–Dee uses full-swings and a follow-through. If you’re an actress working with her, you know you’re having quite a time. Repeated scenes and on-camera slow redressing.

‘Sarah’ (5 minutes): Dee spanks Sarah in her office, in a kneeling position, and rucks up her jersey so her boobs hang down, just because it is fun to do. Strapping on her jeans; pants down to show results. Some of the spanking repeated from different angles.

‘Sarah’ (8 minutes): Sarah at Dee’s desk again, this time as a bouncy adolescent in pigtails, plaid skirt, blouse, sleeveless sweater. She didn’t read the student handbook–her skirt is too short. Over the desk, strapped on her skirt and then white panties. Facial-cam repeats.

‘Sarah’ (9 minutes): Another female from RSI gets Sarah OTK, her bottom arched up for the hard maple paddle. “Look at those cute little panties.” Sarah must stand, the disciplinarian yanks her panties down, hard handspanking and more paddling. Sarah struggles to hold still for this more severe spanking.

‘Sarah’ (9 minutes): Sarah enters the room naked and puts on a bikini. Dee catches her–she hasn’t done her chores. She kneels on the floor and gets the wide floppy strap/paddle, oblique facials, tears on her cheeks.

‘Sarah’ (4 minutes): Another female spanks her in just her black bra and thong. Throughout these episodes, we see the actress is dynamic in any pose.

‘Sarah’ (4 minutes): The same female disciplinariarn returns, in HER bra and panties. Sarah is naked and pushed into the diaper position for the hard wood paddle, lower buttocks and a lot of thigh.

‘Sarah’ (5 minutes): In the last segment, Sarah is back in her school uniform, bent over a table,white panties down for the strap, hands-on-head at the wall, zoom in on her bottom, a fitting conclusion.

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