Saddle Sore – MOONGLOW

25 Jul

MF/2f; time: 41 minutes;

Bare bottoms,horse barns; horses, barns leather tack gear, pretty bottoms–Hail, Britannia. Sarah Harvey Lewis, who proves here again she can go both ways, as it is said, plays ‘Miss Hampshire,’ a riding mistress. The marvelous Rebekah Jordan plays blond Claudia and has mishandled Hampshire’s horse. No place better than a barn to settle these things.

Claudia takes off some gear and bends over hay bales. Hampshire spanks on her black jopphurs. Claudia pulls them down herself–they are too tight to be peeled down by the spanker. Lovely white panties down soon–nice glimpse between legs. A well-filmed outdoor scene.

Claudia fetches the wood horse saddle frame, the rack to hold saddles. Hampshire leads her by her tether to get her paddles and canes, then whips her in a circle, a spanking version of longeing. [a rooster crows–he likes it too] Claudia bends over a tall fence, pants down, for the riding crop and then must stumble around the stables bare bottom, hobbled by her pants. She is set to work saddle soaping, bare, no real spanking yet, but excellent subjugation and plenty of promise.

“Right over” the saddle for the tawse–Rebekah bends over as well as it can be done. She fetches a huge cane-like crop for Hampshire. Moderate strokes–“Right, we don’t want to do damage, do we?”

Fade. New scene: Claudia shows her father, Sir Robert, what Miss Hampshire has done to her bottom. He confronts Hampshire: “Either you accept the  same treatment or I’ll go to the police.” Hampshire gets a chair, Sir Robert spanks her OTK, pants and thong down, a harder go of it than she gave Claudia. In this state of undress Hampshire is sent back to the tack room for the tawse, which she takes over a bale of hay [the cock likes it again]

Sir Robert has daughter Claudia fetch “exactly the same implements” which were used on her. Mild strokes with the heavy crop. Robert announces “I am going to cane you,”  and Claudia actually knows enough to find it in her father’s car. But Hampshire objects. “It’s not fair. I never used that.”  She takes about 20 strokes, then a “final six” touching toes.

This segment concluded, Hampshire takes a call from the veternarian–the horse is more injured and needs some attention. Now Sir Robert turns on his daughter Claudia and does that evil thing in the aristocracy–he stops her allowance! She begs.

He relents. “I’m going to cane you instead.” “Right over” the straw. Ms. Jordan’s pants down again, about 20 firm strokes, closeups,lines, wheals, sniffiles [and a gaggle of geese roar honking approval]. He apologizes to Hampshire but we win–everybody got spanked.

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