Military Training-Leia Ann Woods – FIRMHAND

26 Jul

year: 2013; 8 episodes;

‘A’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Leia reports for her interrogation and stress training. She wears a Nike swoosh sports bra and warmup pants. Bearded actorThomas Cameron greets her, sternly informs her that she will be put under pressure in this training–we know that pressure comes in the form of the palm of the hand on her buttocks.

He takes her OTK on a leather couch for a long handspanking, warmup pants down first, and then her black panties carefully lowered. Cameron concentrates on her lower buttocks and thighs to achieve a uniform rosy sheen. Ms. Woods remains stoic and quiet. Slo-mo repeats.

‘B’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Leia’s stress training continues; she is spanked OTK while she reads aloud from a manual–she must learn to think while being humiliated, He takes her exercise shorts down and continues on her bare cheeks–the thong doesn’t help. Hands-on-chair, he takes her thong down, just to make her more embarrassed. Pants up; more scolding, and some slo-mo. The credits report there were 256 smacks.

‘C’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Stress training with the paddle in front of the firepalce, in the hands of actor Thomas Cameron; 53 smacks, FirmHand reports. Shorts down, bare bottom. At first, Leia screeches, but gets control and remains stoic through a paddling which would float anyone’s boat. The paddle itself is large enough to cover most  of one cheek, so that Leia turns uniform pink before the session ends.

‘D’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Cadet Woods’  interrogation test today involves the hairbrush. Cameron makes her strip to bra and panties in her own bedroom. He uses a small bath-like hairbrush, sharp, snappy whacks, which make Ms. Woods’ eyes bug out at the shock. White bruises.

‘E’ (M/f; 13 minutes): Cameron will whip Woods with a long, thick tawse;  she writes a name in a notebook; he will spank her to the point where she gives up the name. The first round is on the slacks, then it is 5 strokes, hand over a piece of clothing, then 5 more, etc, until Woods gets to that choice between bra and panties, which dilemma she plays with the aplomb you would expect of her, and chooses the panties.

‘F’ (M/f; 6 minutes): Cadet Woods learns the psychology of CP from the business end of a riding crop. this comes after her “failure of yesterday,” breaking under the tawse. Trim and tidy Ms. Woods wears the gray shorts and top seen throughout the series. She will be cropped in series, until she asks herself to pause and remove an item of clothing.

The logic of the procedure is irrelevant; a naked Leia will be the result. She gets cropped, and hands over shorts, top, white panties, and sports bra, before she is proudly, defiantly nude.

‘G’ (M/f; 6 minutes): A stress test with a wood paddle; again Ms. Woods bugs out her eyes when she sees the virtual cricket bat Cameron shows her. Hands-on-mantel, she must request each paddle stroke, on her warmup pants. She is not permitted to make a sound. Her shocked face is fascinating as she struggles to control after each rocking whack. She earns one extra for a little gasp which escaped. Cameron pulls down her pants to see how she made out.

‘H’ (M/f; 10 minutes): Because Cadet Woods became so self-confident that she thought she could paddle another cadet, she is going to pay. Cameron visits her in her bedroom. she wear a purple shorty nightgown. “Drop your panties, bend over the bed.” 12 paddle strokes break her desire to spank others. Slo-mo repeats.

‘K’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Cadet Woods’ spanking/training ends; the films open with a bang, the camera on Ms. Woods’ bottom in closeup. She stands naked at the wall, hands on head.

Inspector Thomas Cameron enters and blindfolds her with a long white sexy sash. He helps her to climb up onto a long harvest table, where she lies naked, face down, for us to contemplate for a moment, while Cameron leaves her to agitate. He creeps back into the room and slashes her bottom with a large tawse.

For the rest of the film, he walks around the table and attacks her buttocks, first with his tawse, then a riding crop. Leia tries to follow his footsteps to anticipate the angle of attack. Her cries of shock and pain make the film. Great shots of a worried face, crushed breasts, fingers gripping table edge.

At the conclusion of the whipping, Cameron helps her up, removes her blindfold, “Congratulations. You have passed your final test.” “Thank you, sir.”

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