Nadia – NUWEST FCV-022

26 Jul

year: 1991; Time: 21 minutes; M/f

Spanking request fulfilled; over the years Ed Lee liked to convince us he fulfilled corporal punishment inquiries from average people. Here, an attractive girl,  but clearly not a Vegas model–he calls her “Ne-dden,” with short hair, a red party dress, and heels, apparently coming “all the way from Denver,” stands a bit self-consciously in the bright lights in front of the cameras, costume makeup, nice try at an amateur scene.

She bends over the back of a straight chair; music plays in the studio. Lee teases her with his dogwhip; he flips up her skirt and begins whipping on her silk panties. She remains tacit; he pulls her panties down to show the marks he has made so far.

Lee takes a seat and directs Nadia to begin undressing, slowly, handing over items on request–blouse and skirt. Down to bra, panties, stockings, and heels, part of the exquisite humiliation . Hands-on-head, more whipping; now she begins to shake. Lee pulls her pants down and makes her twirl and expose herself to us.

She removes her bra and panties, hands them to Lee, and smiles shyly for the camera, acknowledging she is now naked. Lee steps off-screen to lower a rope from the ceiling (the remote control device came later), fastens her wrists, and tightens the strain, not too much, but erotic. “Now we do the part you came for.”

Lee whips hard, mostly on her buttocks, turning them uniform red. Erotic gasps and swaying. Lee explains that he is going to whip her to a climax. For the first time we have seen, he explains how he can use his dogwhip so effectively without cutting his victim (and it would explain how the regular NW actresses can endure their whippings). The whip is made of soft, pliant leather and produces mostly “heat” and redness. And it stings sufficiently that acting is easy. (And it sounds great.)

At the conclusion of the film, Lee suggests his viewers go to Denver to satisfy Nadia’s itch.

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