College Classics #7 – CALSTAR

29 Jul

MF/2f; year: mid 1990’s; time: 56 minutes

Our favorites; College Classics,  schoolgirl fantasies; well contructed stories in familiar school settings;  decent sets; pretty girls; acting, dialogue, and plot; realistic domination; and most important, spankings–severe and memorable, but not requiring a trip to the infirmary.

Two brunettes, ‘Jenkins’  and ‘Simpson,’ in rumpled school uniforms, are put through rigorous PT, not silly motions as normally seen. Mr. Adams, the male gym instructor, is an experienced manipulator of schoolgirls in these settings. These two girls have some athletic ability, They do fast step-ups, duck walk, jumping jacks, leg lifts, and a long session of stationary “bicycle,” setting up for us the view of their knickered bottoms hard at work. Jumps over a four-foot tall classic wooden V-shaped vaulting bench illustrate their dexterity.

The instructor is displeased of course, and bends them both over the vault, throws up their skirts, and begins smacking their blue knickers. Their squawks and protests ring through the gymnasium, which conjures our memory of echoes, whistles, the smell of floor wax, mouldy mats, oiled ropes, and human sweat. He works their knickers down; their adolescent protests reverberate.

The headmaster passes by and hears the commotion, dismisses Adams with an admonition, and perceives his good fortune–two comely students in trouble. He must keep up disciplinary tradition. The girls have pulled their [pants up. The Head climbs up on the vault, pats his lap, and directs Simpson to slide on.  She carefully stretches OTK the length of the vault. The Head begins spanking her blue knickers, very much in his face. If he becomes excited by spanking Simpson, she is going to be the first to know in this posture.  He tugs the panties down, Her bare bottom soars.

Jenkins then stretches across.  Very erotic spankings. In an odd seque, we cut to the two girls, stripped down to bra and knickers, doing more PT for the Head, who is bandishing a cane and discussing things to come. Adams returns, reinstated, is given the cane, and instructs Simpson over the vault again. Four crisp cane strokes on her knickers, then a slow 6 on the bare. Her bottom is carefully positioned, well-lit, and she is delightfully unhappy.

Another scene jump. Jenkins is fully clothed bouncing on a trampoline, urged on by Adams. Cigarettes pop out, Adams is suitably angry about school rules, and OTK she goes on a nearby chair. A  sexy little struggle plays out as Jenkins tries to anticipate her pants being pulled down.

A female teacher appears, severe in appearance, and Adams is chased off again, having been caught spanking her students. She will take over. The teacher offers Jenkins a trip to the headmaster’s office  or back OTK with her. She is a firm lefthanded spanker. She sends Jenkins to her car to get a paddle there, and while at the car Jenkins actually steals some personal items and lets air out of a tire.

Jenkins is caught of course, and since we are in the midst of a spanking session, the severity is notched up. Over the trampoline–“Make yourself comfortable….” The ‘paddle’ is a long leather flapper, which makes a lot of noise. First on her panties, then bare bottom, fully pink-red results, and some squirming from Jenkins to indicate that she is feeling it.

The lesbian-looking teacher has more than a casual interest in Jenkins–she must undress, and hands over her tie, blouse, skirt, and pants until she is naked. Back oiver the edge of the trampoline, a pad positioned to cushion the metal pipes, for the cane. Fully 16 strokes, some on the thighs, very significant marks and wheals. Jenkins’  bottom cannot give with the strokes in this posture.

When she is released, a frontal glimpse of the silky black luxuriance, and we follow her into a bathroom and watch the slow creaming of a banged up tush.

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