Riding Mistress Discipline – NUWEST NWV-157

29 Jul

F/3f; year: 1991; time: 25 minutes

Multiple spankings; over the years NuWest made a number of films with girls lined up against the wall and spanked one at a time, in front of the group. We always love these submissive scenes, watching the girls fidget until their turn comes, then nurse their red bottoms.

Actress Joanne Jameson and another brunette, both in their jodphur pants and boots, have three girls ready to go. The set is the empty blue studio, and the acting is comically awkward, but we are here for other reasons. The girls are getting thr strap, at 3 PM in this reform school punishment room, for infractions we missed.

‘Penny’  is marched in first, a long-haired tawny blonde. With a little nudge she bends over the tilted spanking box NW  used and is strapped into place. Her little blue frock is thrown up–there are no panties. She is reminded, “You’re the baby in this reform school.” Joanne whips with a short martinet, moderate but colorful, in the fashion NW used in this era. Her straps are released and she led out of the room, whimpering.

‘Schultz’ is next, a brunette. She wears the same blue institutional frock and has also dispensed with panties. She is whipped in the same fashion.

‘McWaters’  is last, a blonde with her hair very short. Joanne tells us McWaters had recently had her head shaved and given a dose of castor oil for a previous punishment. McWaters’ whipping is the hardest.

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