Spanking Dreams Compendium – MOONGLOW

29 Jul

3 segments; time: 50 minutes

Vintage MOONGLOW; three clunky 17-minute segments very early in their catalogue, when spanking films still had a touch of Vaudeville, as if you had to have a comedic streak to bare your bottom and allow yourself to be spanked on film. Crude storyboard graphics, limited camera angles, and tiny confined sets, but the  producers know all about CP.

‘Six of the Best’ M/f; Early work for the actress’ Alison Payne,’  our Liverpudlian moll with the special bottom, both sultry and impudent at the same time. She’ s been caught smoking and will be caned by an off-camera male, “six cane strokes for smoking,”  an award she looks not unhappy about.  She kneels on a chair and pulls her own knickers down, a moment we have described before and can’t praise enough. She takes and counts out six good cane shots.

Alison beds down in her bra and full red knickers in a shabby room which looks like a day bed thrown up in the drab concrete store room MOONGLOW often used.  She rubs her bottom and drifts into the spanking dream; she is bent over a table, pillow elevating her buttocks, chestnut Irish hair flying, for 12 cane strokes on the bare, viewed first as a facial and then repeated, bottom full-screen.

‘Maid For the Birch” M/f;  A mutton-chopped Colonel Flack type bellows: “Where’s my breakfast, girl?” Lucy (actress ‘Lucy Bailey’), his blond maid, quakes in his presence. “You will be thrashed tonight…the birch. You’re going to get the hairbrush now.”

She raises her uniform maid’s skirt, goes OTK. The Colonel parts her bloomers for the treasure hunt to  bare her buttocks. Mild but colorful hairbrush spanking. The set is a flat, blacked-out room with a decorative screen background.

Lucy returns at 8 PM and brings a  birch bundle,  which she had to cut herself with the gardener.  She bends over, parts and holds her bloomers herself; the birching is long and entertaining. Closeups show twig fragments. She is granted a pause to rub. The scene  ends–the Colonel has been dreaming this birching.

‘Count Spankula’ M/f;  A young girl (actress “Janine’) is awakened by a Count in full Dracula attire, and before he bites into her bottom, he spanks and straps her, makes her take off her teddy nightwear. “You are under my command.” A thick pubic patch establishes the time of the film. One would imagine these actors, especially John Kirwood , had trouble keeping a straight face.

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